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What is a Voucher?

These are usually handed out by businesses to attract both their current and new customers. A digital or printed voucher can be used to reduce the price on certain products/services purchased or to avail them for free. Think of them as gift certificates that can be used by just about anyone. Know that different vouchers have different rules in regards to how they can be used. Those are usually clearly defined to ensure that they are properly followed by users.

How to Make a Voucher in Illustrator

1. Think of the Design

It's best that you consider what it is that the printable voucher is offering when coming up with the design as you can base it off of that. Think of everything from what background it should have to the type of image you want to have displayed. Make sure that whatever images you use are of high quality as you want to make your printed marketing material look appealing. If you want to have a good idea of how you should go about on the design, then you can always look for physical or online samples.

2. Point Out What the Voucher Offers

Now you'll need to point out what one can avail if he/she uses the business voucher. You must first decide whether it's going to be a discount or if it entitles the user to acquire something for free. You must be very specific when writing this down. For example, if the voucher is for food discount, then you'll want to point out if it's for all meals or a specific type and the exact percentage of the price cut. Make sure that the text use for presenting this information is slightly larger as you want to emphasize it to the reader.

3. Have Spaces for Business and Personal Information

Start by placing information on the business responsible for creating the discount voucher. You'll want to make sure that it contains the business's name, contact details, and address. It's best that you also include the logo to promote the brand. Know that some vouchers usually contain spaces that specify who is meant to use it. Should you wish to make one like that, then you will need to make sure that there's space for one to write down details such as his/her name, email, contact details, and signature.

4. Include Any Conditions

Certain vouchers usually have special conditions regarding how they should be used. Some may specify a deadline before the gift voucher will be considered as invalid for use or that it can only be availed if one were to meet certain requirements. You'll need to decide on what conditions you want to place before writing them down. Make sure that they can easily be understood to ensure that they are followed by users.

5. Utilize Adobe Illustrator

If you're going to use any program to make gift vouchers, then Adobe Illustrator is one of your best options. It allows you to properly focus on the design and layout aspect and it has all the tools needed for you to be as creative as you want. If ever you're having trouble using the program, then there are many online tutorials that can effectively teach you what you need to do and how to make creative voucher designs.