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How to Make Vouchers in Adobe InDesign?

Vouchers are a great deal not just for the customers but also for the businesses. Vouchers sustain your business by promoting and selling your products and services. Vouchers aid your business by boosting sales and revenues. However, you have to remember that selling and giving out vouchers should be done in moderation. A study says that 75% of consumers expect reductions and offers.

Much like coupons and a gift certificate, a voucher will attract your customers. So if you are planning to make vouchers, we have prepared you with some tips:

1. Choose a Software

To properly edit your vouchers, you need to use to decide what software to use. There is a lot to choose from, but if you want to edit easily, you can use Adobe InDesign. This is good for editing graphics and designs. You can also download a voucher template to easily work with your vouchers.

2. Type of Voucher

There are different kinds of vouchers out there. You need to decide what voucher you will make. You can make a meal voucher, a food voucher, a money voucher, or a gift voucher. Aside from these, there are other vouchers out there that you can make to appeal to more clients and customers.

3. Layout

Vouchers do not have to be too plain. To make it more attractive to the people, you can add designs to it. When you design your vouchers, you can add themes to make it look better. Moreover, if you are going to make holiday vouchers, or simply giving out these things on any holiday, you need to incorporate the holiday designs to your vouchers. For example, on making Valentine's voucher, you can include romantic themes, heart images, and other things associated with Valentine's day. Further, you need to make your designs look professional as much as possible. Sometimes putting too many designs will make your vouchers look cheap.

4. Voucher Offers

This section is an important part of your voucher. The first thing you need to do is to decide how much discount you will put on your voucher. You need to make your offer something that your customers will buy. When writing your offers or discounts, you need to make it bold so that it will get the attention of your customers. Include the discount codes or the voucher codes.

5. Other Contents

Aside from the offers of your voucher, you need to include other contents. You can write here the name of your voucher. Furthermore, include the services that they get from your vouchers. You don't need to use a whole paragraph to explain, all you have to do is to be straight to the point while you are selling your vouchers to them. Don't forget a call to action statement so that your customers will be challenged to buy or get your voucher.

6. Terms and Conditions

To avoid any misconceptions and problems with your customers, you have to include the terms and conditions of your voucher. You can just list down all the rules you have that your customers should follow. Another thing, you have to include the expiration date of your vouchers since vouchers can only be used once.