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How To Design Vouchers In Apple Pages

Creating and designing voucher coupons can be a great platform for you to explore and hasten more your creative side. In doing so, you also have to be mindful of some important features that all vouchers should contain whether they are for products or services. With proper creation and development, a voucher can be a great campaign material that will not just only drive sales, but would also help in building branding image and customer loyalty.

Vouchers play an important role in helping businesses, regardless of their type and size. That is only if a strategy is well thought through and planned according to clear marketing goals. In developing a voucher for any spa, food, restaurant, salon, or travel business, you must plan a strategy. But strategies alone aren't enough, you also need a reliable editing tool software like Apple Pages to make the voucher possible. To better help you with your voucher making, we have provided some helpful tips that can guide you.

1. Design Is Important

There is a saying that people buy with their eyes, so a voucher design should catch attention. In developing marketing tools like this, there should be no space for spelling mistakes or poor graphics. A typical voucher should at least have some color and one image. Vouchers that are incorporated with images showing a product are most likely to catch attention. For example, if your voucher is advertising your company services, show an image of happy people because consumers tend to respond better to these type of images rather than generic images.

2. Include Expiration Dates

Vouchers offer small to big discounts, and to keep the offer attractive, they are usually created with corresponding expiration dates. It is already proven that consumers find vouchers more appealing if they are offered within a short period of time. Be sure that the expiration date is clear. Customers who missed to find tiny or poorly placed expiration dates only to find out that the coupon is invalid already may walk away without completing the sale.

3. Be Clear With The Message

When it comes to vouchers, less is more. The lesser the details, the more chances of it being availed. Avoid using too complicated texts and promotion rules that will instantly discourage potential customers from using the coupon. Just state and highlight directly what the voucher has to offer to the customer.

4. Make Use Of Call To Action

One of the best ways to make your voucher even more entrancing to the eyes of the customer is by integrating it with call-to-action words. While designing your vouchers make sure to make them visible to the users. Secondly, don't use common and ordinary CTA's, think outside the box! Figure out something original, instead of using "shop now," why don't you try to be creative and use words like "start saving now," "see how much you can save," and "reveal today's hot prices."

5. Make Your Code Trackable

To help you gather numbers and monitor how many of your vouchers were successfully purchased and used by your customers, decide whether you should use a stand-alone code for multiple uses or use unique codes assigned to different customers.