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What is a Printable Voucher

Vouchers are now very useful for everyone, may it for their business or for the sake of convenient shopping. Vouchers are often used by businesses in rewarding their customers by letting them use vouchers instead of paying cash when they want to purchase some items or avail of a service. This will help them gain the loyalty of their customers and at the same time will possibly attract new customers who have received editable vouchers from them. It will be convenient for customers since the voucher becomes a replacement of money when they go shopping for food and beauty products, or when they avail services in a hotel or for travel.

How to Create a Printable Voucher

Even though e-vouchers are now in trend, it does not mean that you don't need to put a lot of effort into creating a printable voucher. Whether your voucher will be printed or posted online, you still need to craft a beautiful voucher that will be enough to attract your target customers. Remember that vouchers that are printed can be kept and can reach a lot of customers. We have prepared the steps below for you to follow in making your own printable voucher.

1. Conduct a Research

Before you make a voucher, do research for trending and popular type of sales in the market. A voucher will not be that effective if your type of sale is not enough to awe and convince your targeted customers. The voucher should be fit in what is the trend for customers. The most popular vouchers nowadays are discounts, food, money, games, and boots voucher.

2. Consult your Team

Make sure that your chosen type of voucher will not affect the income of your business. Ask your marketing team if it will be okay to release that amount of money for the support of the cost of your voucher. Also, ask them if your chosen voucher is right and will be effective for the customers.

3. Choose a Design

There are a lot of available templates above for you to choose on what design your voucher will be. Bear in mind that the design of your voucher should fit on the type of voucher you will be releasing. The design should not be overbearing to look at so that it will be pleasing to look at. Also, consider what size your voucher will be. The standard size of a sample voucher is 3.67" x 8.5".

4. Write the Details

Important details and messages should be included in your voucher. The important details can be the company name or logo, the terms, and condition of the voucher, and the duration. As for the message, you need to write a creative message that will relay your gratefulness or purpose for making the voucher. It does not need to be a long one. Be concise.

5. Add Voucher Codes

If you want to monitor how many people have used your voucher, you can add voucher codes at the very bottom of it. The codes can be discount codes, which is very effective because a lot of people are now hooked on free discount vouchers. Once your codes are used, it will be recorded in your voucher system.