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How to Make A Voucher in PSD

Vouchers are primarily used as printed marketing collateral. They act as customer-magnets because they contain deals or offers that entice customers to buy a product or try out a service. Also, they’re flexible tools that may be used online or offline.

Each year, billions of vouchers are printed or made available online. And of this amount, about 31 billion online or e-vouchers are redeemed this year alone. Leverage this up-and-coming marketing trend by ensuring that you create well-targeted and well-designed vouchers.

We’ve compiled a few tips on how to start the voucher-making process the right way below:

1. Know Your Design Tools

Graphic design software tools like Adobe Photoshop are used to create vouchers and coupon designs. It is essential to learn how to use each tool so that each design template you create is as creative and unique as possible.

Also, if you intend to download a premade gift certificate template or a blank voucher template, you can easily edit them on your own. You may learn by watching Photoshop tutorials. Or, you can practice creating gift cards, vouchers, and coupons on the tool itself.

2. Pick a Voucher Design Theme

As with any marketing material, it is crucial to choose a primary motif or theme that your voucher design follows. This theme serves as the element that correlates the document with your brand or advertising goal.

For example, if you are making a discount voucher mockup design for your store’s Christmas campaign, you must choose a motif that is related to the holiday. You can pick a red and green color motif. Or, you may go for a minimalist Yuletide theme.

3. Formulate an Enticing Call To Action

By the end of the year, 59% of online customers are expected to use digital coupons or vouchers routinely. This also means that more marketers and business owners will try out this marketing strategy. So how do you get your vouchers noticed by customers?

It’s simple, really. And that is to add a compelling Call To Action. CTAs are words, phrases, sentences, or images (or a combination of the four) that evoke a customer’s emotion and encourage them to follow what the ad says.

4. Use High-Quality Images

To get the most impact from your vouchers, never forget to add high-quality images or vector illustrations. A well-thought-out photo layout can help increase the likeability and perceived value of your voucher’s offer.

To illustrate, if you want customers to try out your restaurant’s burger meals, including a photo of the actual burgers on your vouchers may clinch the deal.

5. Combine With Other Marketing Strategies

When it comes to marketing a business, mixing different advertising methods can lead to increased benefits. You can use concurrent strategies to attract different demographics. For example, if you want to target stay-at-home parents with a baby voucher deal, you can include cut-out coupons in your product catalog mailers. Or, if you intend to attract millennials to try out a new website hosting service, you may send them gift voucher codes as part of your email newsletter.