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What is a Voucher?

A digital or printed voucher, or coupon, is defined as a small printed paper that serves as a bond that enables the holder to redeem certain goods or services as indicated on it. Examples of vouchers include but are not limited to food, education, travel, housing, gift, and meal vouchers.

How to Make a Voucher in Microsoft Publisher

Below, we'll be providing you with a concise yet easy-to-follow set of instructions on how you'll be able to create editable vouchers with Microsoft Publisher. Whether you're new to Publisher or not, rest assured that our instructions have got you covered.

1. Decide on a type of voucher

There are many types of vouchers and these are categorized into accounting and supporting vouchers. Under the accounting types are the transfer and cash vouchers, and under the former are the credit and debit vouchers. On the other hand, under the supporting type are the inside vouchers which are prepared by the firm themselves and the outside vouchers which are done by third-parties.

2. Make a deal with a vendor

Most business vouchers would recommend that you make a deal and coordinate with one or multiple vendors. If this is the case, be sure to negotiate well with the vendor and to verify if they are indeed willing to work with you. As a sign of respect, politely ask details from the vendor as well as their business' logo design to incorporate it into the voucher. While doing this is strongly recommended, it is not required if you prefer to make and use vouchers for your own business.

3. Think of details to write on the voucher

Identify the details that you wish to write in your gift voucher and make a list of them. Most vouchers would include only three important details such as the value, the expiry date, and the terms and conditions. Aside from these three core elements, you are allowed to add more as long as it is relevant to the purpose of the voucher and it doesn't clutter the layout.

4. Use Publisher to create your vouchers

If you're a Windows user, chances are you already have Microsoft Office installed and one of its tools is Publisher. Simply launch the publishing application and open a blank voucher project or document to begin working on your design. Start by setting up the layout and making sure there is enough white space between elements to make the layout look clean and organized. Afterward, you can then start adding some of the graphical elements.

5. Add content and enhancements

After you're done creating your voucher's initial design, you can start writing the content based on the details that you've decided in a previous step. Again, make sure that all your content is relevant and organize them accordingly and logically. If you think enhancements such as ornate elements and color patterns are necessary to make your printed marketing materials stand out more, feel free to do so.

6. Save and print your voucher

If you're planning to print your own promotion vouchers, always invest in high-quality materials to make your vouchers feel durable and look awesome. However, you can always save yourself the stress by having your vouchers printed by printing companies. Whichever of the two seems better for you, it is recommended that save your work in a file format that's easy to share, compatible across different systems, and optimized for printing.