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What Is A Romantic Love Voucher?

A voucher is a tiny printed piece of paper allowing the customer to receive a discount or exchange for products or services. Romantic love vouchers are frequently used as promotional marketing tools for companies and businesses. In general, promises created through romantic love vouchers can range from romantic fantasies to household tasks. Samples of romantic commitments can include a dancing evening,  a romantic evening, a romantic weekend getaway, a boat ride for two, a barbecue party, a beach walk or a romantic day trip, to name just a few.

How To Make A Romantic Love Voucher

Vouchers also come in a different design and style. So if you are looking for a hotel voucher, sports voucher, or educational voucher, we have it here in our site. But when you want to have it from scratch and create a romantic love voucher, we can also help you with that.

1. Identify your Voucher

Before anything else, you have to ask what is your voucher made for. Is it for a birthday, valentines day,  music festival, or travel trip? Whatever is your desire, you can freely add some design that would match your purpose. Also, you may download at to avail various voucher templates you can choose from. 

2. Add Color Combination

If you got an idea to make a DIY romantic love voucher as a unique marketing tool for your hotel, restaurant or travel agency, then you can personalize it by selecting romantic and hot colors such as red, yellow, or pink. Make sure to choose color schemes that are pleasing to the eye and could easily attract the attention of your customers.

3. Insert Background Image

In choosing an image, select the one which will complement the theme of your voucher. For instance, you are making a romantic love voucher, then you may add an image that shows two people hugging each other and sharing love.

4. Edit the Header

Provide enough space for important details of your voucher including instructions and category labels. Add the name, address, contact number, date, list of benefits, and of course the signature of the manager just to show authenticity. 

5. Write Down Instructions

In general, instructions can be found at the back portion. Write the steps logically. Make sure to use simple words so customers could comprehend it well. Avoid using tiny fonts for them to be readable enough. Afterward, try to recheck everything starting from spelling down to grammar.

6. Save and Print

Print out your voucher in your own high technology color printer. If you're not satisfied with the result, try printing again until you think it's perfect enough to be distributed to your clients. Take note to use the finest kinds of paper for printing pays. No matter what you print or how good your design is, your investment will be lost if you have a poor print job.