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What Is a Sample Voucher?

A voucher can be alone defined as a bond or promo material that enables an individual to enjoy perks at a single time, and these perks may range from discounts to freebies. A sample voucher is something similar but is commonly used as an example or a template for making other vouchers.

How to Create a Sample Voucher

Even though sample vouchers can already help save you a lot of time, actually knowing the basics of creating vouchers may come in very useful. We've provided you with a guide that you can refer to, use this to keep you organized in the process and to prevent issues with the format.

1. Know the difference between vouchers and coupons

Although many would confuse one from the other, a voucher and a coupon are actually two different things but serve a similar purpose. A voucher, as mentioned earlier in the definition, is a bond that serves to give the customer a one-time discount while a coupon can be used multiple times until its credits have been fully exhausted. Knowing the difference between the two can help ensure that you're actually making the right thing.

2. Familiarize yourself with the different classifications and types of vouchers

Vouchers can be classified into two, namely primary and collateral. A primary voucher is when the original written evidence is available such as with cash vouchers, gift vouchers, and payment vouchers. A collateral voucher, on the other hand, is when the original evidence isn't available and the copies present are simply duplicates such as with carbon copies of sales invoices. Another type of voucher is the free shipping voucher which is very common in online retail shops.

3. Outline the details to be included on your sample vouchers

After you've familiarized yourself with the classifications and types of vouchers, you can start working on the content by outlining all the relevant details. Due to the very limited space that you can use for all your content, you will need to ensure that only the most relevant details are added to your vouchers. This is why outlining is very important, it can actually help you in keeping your voucher's content relevant.

4. Create your sample voucher's design

Now it's time to start working on the technical aspects of your sample voucher, and you can do it by using an editing tool of your choice. You may either start with the voucher's design followed by the content or the other way around, what matters is that you stick to a format that organizes all the elements. Since you're creating sample vouchers, you might want to add blank sections for whoever wishes to use it.

5. Start printing copies of your sample voucher

The process of creating sample vouchers ends with printing copies of it, and you can do it yourself or by a printing business. Either way, just make sure to fix any issues with the format, if there are any, and to use high-quality card stock for your sample vouchers. And since sample vouchers usually contain blank sections, make sure that the surface of the card stock will also allow users to handwrite their information.