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What is A Website Template?

There many source of website templates that you can find online. Website templates are predesigned structure that shows a comprehensive layout and display features for all websites. These templates are provided by various suppliers to aid web design and make it a lor easier for non web designers and non web developers.

How to Make A Website Layout In MS Word?

It may sound unusual, but you can use MS Word application in completing the layout and design of your website. Using MS Word have pros and cons as part of making the website. One advantage of using MS Word is that many users will find it handy because it is one of the most popular desktop applications. However, if you are making any widely promotional capacity website, MS Word is not the tool for that.

1. Plan and Explore

If you its new for you to use MS Word as your tool in making your website, we recommend that you explore the application even more. If you think tha you are very familiar with MS Word, think twice. There are functions that are different to the usual word processing. You can find in the internet tutorials, take advantage of it.

2. Launch MS Word

When you are ready to start making your webpage, go to MS Word. Launch the application by clicking the icon. Wait until it has loaded. When your on the main page, you will see a blank paper. This is not yet the actual making of your website, we will break the website by parts and we'll slowly come up with the website that you are visualizing. Use a template in making your webpage so it will easier.

3. Save File as Webpage

Once you are on the blank page or on the template , type "Homepage" or whichever part you want to start. You could start with "Content", but startiing with "Homepage" is the most logical way. After putting "Homepage" click "File" then "Save as Webpage". Save the file as "index.html" so you will know which one is it. Now that you have the skeleton of your website let's get into business.

4. Work on your Webpage

Since the file is saved as HTML then you will notice that the page deosn't look like the normal blank paper in your MS Word document. Seeing this means that you are now in web layout mode. Add some addtional part such as "Content". Next, we will hyperlink each part to direct it to your webpages.

5. Make Hyperlinks

Hyperlinking is easy. Since you have "Content" to hyperlink, highlight the text then click "Insert" then "Hyperlink" and look for "index.html" then click "Ok". Keep doing this to make the other pages. Hyperlink means that in a browser you can click that hyperlink and go t o another page in your site. Do this until your website is complete.