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What is a Website Template?

A website template is a pre-made webpage that anyone can use. Regardless of someone's knowledge with webpages design, using a website template you can make your own text content and images so you can make a website. In addition, using a website template, anyone does not need a professional web developer or designer to create a website. Though many developers use website templates to make sites for other people.

How to Make A Webpage Using WordPress Themes?

Creating a website may seem daunting, but don't forget that there are several ways to make a website that doesn't require you to spend all your time figuring out how to code or hiring a developer to do it for you. A WordPress theme is one of the easiest templates to use because it allows you to manage your content and add visual styles without modifying the code. Also, WordPress theme is a user-friendly template that uses beginner dashboard where you can navigate post and pages by clicking them. Here's a simplified guide in making a website in WordPress using a template.

1. Go to WordPress

Not just easy to use but WordPress is also easy to install. It is very simple since most, if not all, hosting company has a one-click WordPress installer. Look for the WordPress icon and click to start installing. After you have installed WordPress, log in using a username and a password that you'll be using for your website.

2. Select A Theme

Your next move is to install a WordPress theme. Avail your theme in, it is easy and ready to use. Though you can take the advantage and use free templates offered by WordPress. Choose a responsive and easy to load themes so you won't have a hard time waiting for your theme until it is ready to be used. Once the template is installed, follow instructions to upload your theme to your website.

3. Install Plugins If Required

There are themes that require and need certain plugins to complete all of their functions. In line with that, you'll be notified if you need to install plugins together with your theme. All you need to do is to select and activate the plugins and apply the plugins to your theme.

4. Replace Default Content

This time your website is slowly coming into completion. You will notice that together with your theme there must be a suggestive content in your website template. Don't worry because you can lay your hands on it. The next thing you will do is to import and then replace the default content. Having your template, it will easier to establish the form of your website pages rather than starting them from scratch.

5. Customize Theme

Lastly, if you wish to change the visual appearance of your website, go to your dashboard and look for the button that says "Appearance" then select "Customize". By visual appearance, we mean the color and fonts of your webpage. The theme will remain untouched though.

6. Start A Blog

Once you are done with your website, you are ready to make your blog and content. Make your reader know you better with your blog and establish a better connection with them.