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Real Estate Templates

What Is Real Estate?

Real estate refers to a land, building, or any property that is up for lease and sale. It refers to the tangible assets that one may own after completing the contract of the real estate services. Real estate services include all operations of purchasing a and or property from open houses to the process of acquiring the property itself.... Read More

real estate banner

10+ Real Estate Banner Templates

Seldom do we see any billboards these days as most of the marketing and advertising is now done digitally. Real Estate advertisement banners have discovered a new-found glory through the internet, mainly through social media websites. We give you a bunch of secrets & samples to make your digital and tangible advertising campaigns stronger.

11+ Real Estate Crowdfunding Templates in PDF | DOC

Real Estate Crowdfunding is quite a new method that uses crowdfunding to gather capital for real estate investment purposes. And through this kind of real estate investment, the investors or the stakeholders are eligible to invest in the different variety of properties without dealing with the people like the mortgage broker, real estate agents and the contact person. Here, he crowdfunding real estate can be a difficult task for the beginners but the templates below can help take smarter decisions.

10+ Wholesale Real Estate Templates in PDF | Word | AI | InDesign | Pages | PSD | Publisher

Wholesale real estate involves finding and marketing a big real estate deal to another interested party. This implies that it includes three main processes, finding a real estate for sale, finding a party who would be interested n buying the estate, and then finally making the deal. However, this does not mean that the property belongs to you; you are just a third party. Wholesale Real Estate Templates are used in the making of these deals as required.

14+ Real Estate Risk Management Templates in PDF | DOC

The uncertainty of today’s economic status is one of the reasons why most people are cautious with their properties and investments. Just imagine that everything you worked hard for might go in a matter of seconds one day just because you were not aware and prepared for the possible events that might happen in the future. Risk preparedness is the solution to this problem. Hence why most business organizations now focus their planning and management on different risks that might impact their business operations, and just like in any business, this article focuses more on risk management but in the real estate sector.

13+ Real Estate Investment Proposal Templates in DOC | PDF

The more money we raise, the more we will think about investing it in a worthwhile company. But often spending our hard-earned money on anything takes a lot of thought. Real estate is one of the most common investments people put their money on. An agreement is usually made between the prospective client and the real estate agent. Before making this agreement, a real estate investment proposal for an investment in real estate has to be written before anything else.