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12+ Real Estate Branding Templates in PSD | Vector

If you are a real estate company, you should definitely work towards developing a brand image. Just like the definition of ‘image’, ‘brand image’ can mean two things. The first is the values and ideologies that come to be associated with your brand and the image or logo that your brand gets recognized by. If you want your properties to become landmarks, your branding plan should be top notch.

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5 Steps to Create a Real Estate Brand that Everybody Talks About

Step 1: Write Down Your Goals and Philosophy

When you are first starting to form your business plan you should think about the goals and philosophy that your company would be representing. These things should clearly reflect your brand. In other words, when somebody mentions the name of your company these are the values that should come to the mind of the people around.

Step 2: Search for Symbolic Images

Search for images that would represent the values and ideologies of your company. Store them in a folder. We would be using them later. We would be tracing them or maybe join some of them to make a logo design. Also if you can think of a short phrase that would summarize your philosophy write that down as well.

Step 3: Create Design Ideas

In this stage, we are going to use a pen and paper and join the images and the motto together to create a brand image. You might trace several images together to form one image. Or you can write the first letter or the initials of your company name in a font that looks like the object of one of the photos that you saved.

Step 4: Get It Approved

You should not settle with just one design. Since you would be using pen and paper in the previous step, you can create multiple designs. You won’t know whether you would like a design until you can actually see it in front of you. That is why we suggest that you make several. Once that is done get it approved by the people in your company or run a poll.

Step 5: Digitize the Design

When the final design gets selected, it is time to digitize it. Use a vector drawing tool for the purpose. This would ensure that the image that you create can be stretched without loss of quality. So in case, you think of using it in a billboard or something similar you won’t have to redo it. You can just take a picture of your drawing and trace it in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

16+ Real Estate Branding Templates

1. Real Estate Agent/Realtor Logo Template

File Format
  • Word
  • PSD
  • ID
  • Apple (MAC) Pages
  • Publisher
  • AI

Size: 15×15 Inches+Bleed


2. Real Estate Branding Template

Branding is an important part of a real estate company. If you are looking for classy real estate logos, then check out this template. It is easily editable and all you have to do is insert your brand name and tagline using the instructions provided along with the template. It is extremely easy to do.

3. Branding for Real Estate Company


If you have been looking at some of the real estate company brochures and admiring the branding that they have created, and wondering when you would be able to have something similar for your company the answer is whenever you actually want it. With our wide selection of modern branding templates, it is easier than ever. So check this out now.

4. Creative Real Estate Branding Template


Are you starting a branding company and your potential first client seems to be in the real estate industry? Then you should take a look at this template. It would give you a good idea as to what kind of designs you should be preparing. Also, you will be able to create a few designs to show as your portfolio in your branding company brochure.

5. Simple Real Estate Branding Template

So you took our suggestion of improving your invoice design and downloaded our real estate invoice templates? The fact that you have come back means that you have seen results. Let us make you another suggestion then. How about you up branding game by downloading this template? This will make your company look even more professional.

6. Free Real Estate Branding Template


If you a minimalist and are looking for sample real estate logos, then check out this one. We understand the variety of requirements of our clients and that is why we curate all kinds of templates, keeping all the possibilities in mind. That is how we can come up with all kinds of designs that our users request from us.

9. Real Estate Corporate Branding

If you want a classic minimalist logo for your real estate business, you don’t need to look any further. Just download this template to get started. If you don’t have a high budget for branding and would like free branding templates instead, we have them as well. We have all kinds of logos that are sure to meet your requirements.

10. Real Estate Branding Template Example

Isn’t it amazing that some people associate the name of certain companies with certain real-life objects instead of the actual name of the object? This is the magic of branding. That is how Xerox became a synonym for photocopying in the colloquial language. If you aspire to do something similar to your real estate business downloading this template should be your first step towards it.

11. Classic Real Estate Branding Template


Are you an old school like some of us? Prefer the classy look over the modern funky ones? We understand you. And if you were talking about branding images, we understand that language as well. That is why we have collected some of the best templates from around the world that are sure to make your brand stand apart from the rest.

13. Standard Real Estate Branding Template

A branding is successful when a person is able to recognize the brand just by looking at the logo, even if it does not contain the name of the brand. Also, the person should be able to understand the values and philosophy associated with the company. If you want to create a similarly powerful logo consider downloading this template.

14. Real Estate Branding Template Design


When approached by your client you should be able to provide the person with a brochure that contains details of your past projects as well as a clear indication of your design philosophy. The branding should be clear as well. That is why we suggest that you download this real estate branding.

16. Real Estate Branding Template in Vector

If you were thinking of creating a good logo for your brand, then it is a good idea to use vector graphics. This will enable you to stretch the logo image as much as you want without any loss of quality. This means you won’t have to reinvest on the logo while creating a design for a billboard or something similarly large. Download this vector logo now to get started.

17. Editable Real Estate Branding Template


If you had been searching for editable real estate branding templates for your business, you don’t need to look any further. We have collected the best templates from every part of the internet so that you don’t have to spend hours doing yourself. So what are you waiting for? Download and get started now!

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