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Resignation Templates

announcement of resignation templates

16+ Announcement of Resignation Templates in PDF | DOC

Sank your teeth into a company’s development and now need to recline on your backrest? The least you would want is the company’s acknowledgment for whom you have to spend your blood and sweat for years. Sample resignation letters give an idea on how to announce the resignation of prominent members of any organization or board and thank them for their services. You can also see more on Resignation Templates.

14+ Membership Resignation Letter Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

Suppose you are a part of a Club that no longer provides services like they used to, or maybe you are shifting to a different location and need to withdraw your Gym membership? Verbally announcing the same is not enough especially if you have brought the membership at a price. In such a case, you need to write a formal membership resignation letter informing about the resignation of membership.

10+ Immediate Resignation Letter Templates in Google Docs | Word | Pages | PDF

It is not necessary that you would be satisfied with your job. Sometimes it is possible that you might not like what you are doing. There can be cases where you have an emergency and you need to give an immediate resignation. For all these problems here is the solution to the way you will craft your resignation letter. These letter templates will help you to design your resignation letter.

11+ Employment Resignation Letter Templates in Word | PDF | Pages | PDF

An employer working for a company can always decide to stop his service to the company. However, that announcement cannot be merely verbal and informal. A resigning employee has to announce his resignation formally through a resignation letter. He has to let the company know who will be taking up the responsibility after he leaves and more importantly the day from which his resignation shall be effective. A resignation draft should thus be drafted with extreme cautiousness.

12+ Acceptance of Resignation Letter Templates in Word | Pages | PDF

In your company, you will see several people come and go. They will have different reasons for doing so as well. Some may opt to continue in an academic career. Others may find a place where they believe they would benefit more either financially or career wise and when they do send you a resignation letter it is best to reply to it with an acceptance letter.