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  1. 7 Steps to Create a Sales Plan
  2. 5+ Sales Planner Templates
  3. 1. Sales Planner Template
  4. 2. One Page Sales Planner
  5. 3. Simple Sales Planner
  6. 4. Holiday Sales Planner
  7. 5. Sales Planner Example
  8. 6. Sample Sales Planner Template

5+ Sales Planner Templates

A sales plan is a strategy that sets sales targets and tactics for your business and gives the steps you will take to meet your objectives. It is a document used to establish sales objectives and improve strategies necessary to achieve the objectives and goals set by the company.

7 Steps to Create a Sales Plan

Creating a sales plan is quite a bit of a challenge. Here are seven steps you can make use of to create an effective sales plan for your company:

Step 1: Define Your Objective

Clearly sketching your goal should always be your first step for a sales plan or any other business venture. When you define your main objective, you can plan later steps around how are you going to achieve it. There is no easy way to success, so with careful planning, you’ll have a much clear and broader vision of what you need to accomplish and a detailed way for how to get there.

Step 2: Judge Your Current Situation

Next step is a completely honest assessment of the situation you are in, and it will relate to the goal you set. If your objective is to expand and nurture your relationship with a customer for long term purposes, an evaluation of the current situation would consist of defining your present relationship with your clients. Make a list of how ill you stay relevant for your current customers.

Step 3: Hurdles to Success

This is one of the most critical steps to achieving your goals. Create a brief account of all the obstacles you might have to face on your way to success. Knowing exactly what you’re up against can be undoubtedly inspirational and motivational, giving you new ideas about how you can overcome these barriers with hard work.

Step 4: List Your Strengths and Benefits

Take a hard look at your materials and resources, and think about how you can apply them in a way that will make you achieve your objective easier. Strengths and assets can include things like personal relationships with customer and amongst employees of your company, sales kits, fierce advantages like new products, services, types of equipment and much more.

Step 5: Design Your Sales Plan

Using the information you have gathered about your company, develop your sales plan by creating and outlining how you will reach your goal. Depending on the situation, your plan must include the sale of a specific product and the steps you will use to coax your customers.

Step 6: Identify Your Needs

Once you have your basic strategy and plan in place, outline what you’ll need to get the job done on time and perfectly. Your needs may include items like a sales presentation or a demo program. It could also include a list of accounts, details of customers, etc. The important thing is to identify all your needs in advance.

Step 7: Sketch an Action Plan

The action plan is a to-do list of calculated steps you will need to reach your goal. The action plan might include items such as finalizing the pricing with your company before you make the sale of your products and services. Sales professionals, especially those who have been in the business for a while, often neglect to plan sales calls, counting on their experience and confidence in their ability to think clearly to carry them through. This might affect the final plan of your company.

5+ Sales Planner Templates

1. Sales Planner Template

sales planner
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The above weekly sales planner template supports sales managers and account executives with their sales efforts and manages accounts on a daily basis throughout the process of sales management. It helps the sales team of a company to make a detailed plan about the sale of their products and services to clients.

2. One Page Sales Planner

one page sales
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A one-page sales planner consists of a single page of a sales plan. This type of a sales planner consists of a column table, where there are details like the day, the productivity of the company for each day of the week, the name of the customers, the outcome (revenue/profit), actions, the name of the company, etc. All this is to be filled by the sales team every day with the number of sold products each day.

3. Simple Sales Planner

simple sales
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Daily sales planners main goal is to increase sales volumes for his/her company by researching leads and creating presentations to convince prospective clients to purchase their services or products. He/she holds off sponsorship and advertising for the entire company. S/he takes care of the ongoing sales of the company throughout.

4. Holiday Sales Planner

holiday sales
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A holiday sales planner is for the holiday season. In this planner, there are columns for the sales executive/manager to fill as to what is the sales date, the item/service/product sold, the store in which it was sold, the price at which it was bought and basic raincheck (a piece of expression indicating that one is declining an offer or invitation, but with the hope or promise that it can be postponed or accepted at a later date or time), if any.

5. Sales Planner Example

sales planner
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  • PDF

Size: 26.2 KB

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A salesperson’s success depends on the customer’s success rate. He/she should have varied skills and talents, including thorough knowledge of all the stocks, services and products in the company. He/she should be aware of all the newly developing business, sales, etc. A sales planner is one of a king and it is the job of the company to keep him/her happy by providing on-time benefits, bonuses, etc.

6. Sample Sales Planner Template

sample sales planner
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  • PDF

Size: 4.6 MB

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The above sample sales template is a great example of how to increase sales productivity of a company. It is a monthly sales planner and it gives the purpose, when to use and how to use a sales planner whenever necessary. The planner should be completed prior to the month’s beginning and reviewed at its conclusion.

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