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Table of Contents

  1. How to Create a Sales Postcard in 5 Steps
  2. 10+ Sales Postcard Templates
  3. 1. Fashion Sale Postcard Template
  4. 2. Car Sales Postcard
  5. 3. Fashion Sales Postcard Example
  6. 4. Shopping Sale Postcard Template
  7. 5. Product Sale Postcard
  8. 6. Black Friday Sale PostCard
  9. 7. Real Estate Sales Postcard
  10. 8. Winter Sale Postcard Sample
  11. 9. For Sale by Owner Postcard
  12. 10. Business Sale Postcard
  13. 11. Bicycle Sales Postcard

10+ Sales Postcard Templates

A sales postcard is one of the least expensive forms of marketing tools used by companies to introduce new launches, offer promotions, to close sales, and so on. It doesn’t require an envelope which makes it easier for people to read. Create a postcard now using sample postcard templates.

How to Create a Sales Postcard in 5 Steps

Step 1: Define your Customer

While designing a postcard, it is necessary that you have a definite customer set in mind. These will be your target audiences. Know who your existing customers are and who else could be your prospective clients. You could differentiate them according to age, locality, gender, income, marital status, etc.

Step 2: Generate a Captivating Offer

It is very important to capture the reader’s eye and hold it until they finish reading the postcard. So, create exciting offers that can grab your reader’s attention and contain it. This will interest them to come and buy the items on sale from your company. Try putting your offer in such a way that it doesn’t miss your reader’s eye.

Step 3: Determine the Action

You can also use your mailbox as an example as you get many spam emails of offers that might be helpful for you in creating the perfect sales postcard for your company. Create a sense of desire in the customers such that they cannot resist your offer. You can take the help of sales templates for creating the perfect sales option for your postcard.

Step 4: Customize the Card

Personalize the card in the way it suits your company the best. The objectives of your company should be clearly visible in the postcard, as this will help you reach your targets and thus, reach your goals on the given time. Sales play a very important role in a company’s growth graph. You can also check out realtor postcard templates if needed.

Step 5: Benefits and Discounts

In the final stage, add things like discounts, freebies, offers, etc. which will actually interest your customer to read that particular card. Show them how they will benefit from the offer and what continued discounts you can provide for regular customers. Show them why you are different from others as these readers might be getting hundreds of such cards from other companies too.

10+ Sales Postcard Templates

1. Fashion Sale Postcard Template

fashion sale postcard template
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Size: 5X7 inches

Download Now

Check out this fashion sale postcard template if you’re into fashion related business or in the retail industry. Through mail, you can reach out to different individuals for various purposes by delivering the postcard straight to their home. It is available for immediate download.

2. Car Sales Postcard

car sales postcard

There can be no other better way to promote your car sale than using the one and only car sales postcard template. The contents of the given postcard template can be easily customized and its fonts and colours can be altered as needed. All images are in vector format and its print ready.

3. Fashion Sales Postcard Example

fashion sales postcard example

If you’re looking for a minimalistic styled fashion template, then take a look at the fashion sales postcard template. It comes with a resolution of 300 dpi and it is very easy to use. Make a classy statement with this customizable template and get the word about your sales out!

4. Shopping Sale Postcard Template

shopping sale postcard template

Make shopping postcards fun and exciting by downloading this print-ready shopping sale postcard template. It comes with 10 cover designs and 5 back designs. You can change the change to suit your promotional requirements. It is undoubtedly excellent for multipurpose corporate usage.

5. Product Sale Postcard

product sale postcard

This simple product postcard template offers you an easy and clean layout so you can market your business effectively. It is fully editable so you can add or replace existing images and texts. It comes in the common size of 6×4 inches. Download this template now and you can see the results yourself!

6. Black Friday Sale PostCard

black friday sale postcard

Make a bold statement for your sales postcard using this loud and clear black Friday sale postcard template. It has detailed layers and is very well organized making it easier for you to edit the text and customize the content. It is a free template that can be downloaded instantly.

7. Real Estate Sales Postcard

real estate sales postcard

As the name itself suggests, the above postcard template can be used for designing real estate project, property sale, property rent, and other such similar sales. It has a unique and professional look to it which can be properly utilized by placing the sales content on both the sides of the postcard. Grab this ready to print real estate postcard template now!

8. Winter Sale Postcard Sample

winter sale postcard sample

The winter sale free postcard template is undoubtedly effective in ensuring your message is well received by your prospective customers. It comes in 4 colour styles and it is a double-sided card that is of high-quality design. It has highly organized layers. The 3D text is the centre of attraction and it cannot be edited.

9. For Sale by Owner Postcard

for sale by owner postcard

The ‘For sale by owner’ template can be used to promote or market any properties that are available for sale. Just include the product image in high quality that is to be marketed by replaced the already existing image and edit the details. It is simple yet very effective in its purpose.

10. Business Sale Postcard

business sale postcard

For a bold, eye-catching look that has a universal design, you can go ahead and download the business sale postcard template to accommodate almost any type of business to promote a sale. The objects and texts in the template are super easy to change. Also, the colour combination could be endless, thereby giving you a chance to experiment. Get this modern and unique template this instant!

11. Bicycle Sales Postcard

bicycle sales postcard

Promoting sales related to bicycles has now been made easier, all thanks to the bicycle advertising sales postcard template. The details of the bike/bicycle can be edited and the colour schemes along with the font can also be altered. The images are in vector format thereby making customization an easy task.

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