Social Media Templates

Social networking sites have taken the world by storm. People always remain connected and updated. Now there are hardly any websites which do not have a direct link to social platforms. Be it the restaurant business or daily news, each and every website has its own built-in social widget panel which allows the users to share their likes, buys, experiences and much more with the rest of the world Read More

Manage your own media content in the best possible manner

These beautiful websites are well suited for restaurants, spas, yoga studios, fan pages etc. They have their own custom designed Facebook Fan page which keeps the world updated about the offers, celebrations and special discounts. Some of these templates are built on flash with Tweenlite engines making them nimble and highly advanced; making it possible for you to interact with your customers without any mediators. The top-notch, free but best templates come with their own social media tools which can be used to share multiple kinds of contents starting from the entire page, products to audio and videos as well.

More social media template features

Top social networking sites will now be at your fingertips when you use these well designed templates. Integrate your website with PayPal accounts, secure payment gateways and much more in a seamless fashion. In this new crazy world of technophiles, there are creative Fan pages which are exclusively designed for Facebook driven by XML. This means it makes up for the things that HTML and FBML fail to do at the moment. Use these templates as news page, gallery page as well as interactive presentation page with continuous access to social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.