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9+ Christmas Social Cover Pages

With the autumn setting prelude to the joyous holiday season ahead, you must be looking forward to changing your social media cover page in tune with the Christmas spirit. That’s great and if you are looking for ideas on how to express your Christmas spirit on the cover page of Facebook or Twitter- there are amazing Christmas social cover page templates online. These templates can be used on both personal and business profile cover pages.

Christmas Facebook and Twitter Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

With the rejoicing Santa at the center with the happy little kid and all the signature Christmas props on the top, there cannot be a better cover page for Christmas. Give your followers and friends on social media a simple reminder regarding the Christmas season. At no cost at all, you can emulate that Christmas spirit in a digital space. Easy to customize as it is compatible with any file format. All you would have to do is download the template and edit it as per your needs. Check it out now!

Christmas Social Media Cover Page Template

chris fb and twitter

This Christmas social cover has duly entwined the spirit of a merry Christmas and the upcoming happy new year in one. Capturing the essence of Christmas, this Christmas and New Year cover page template can be used to liven up the spirits of your friends and followers on social media. Also giving your profile account a boost in aesthetics, this is can be yours for free. Be able to use this simple to customize document that can help your social media accounts gain more followers. It can be shared with ease on any social media platform. Try it out now!

Retro Style Christmas Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

If you are in search of a minimalist retro Christmas cover page, then this is the file for you. These templates can highlight the simple joys of the festive season without being too shiny or too much for the holiday. Social media flyer templates that are available online can be of great use to you in making the needed flyers you need. Boost your social media following by adding a few seasonal designs into your profile. Download this retro Christmas cover page template and you will own this aesthetically pleasing cover photo that will give encourage that seasonal feeling. Grab the template now!

Glorious Christmas Social Media Cover Page Template

chris fb and twitter

The star of the Christmas cover page is surely the glorious wreath which is made up of all the joyous and happy elements of Christmas like presents for the holidays, the Christmas tree, etc. This Modern Christmas cover page Template has designs that are similar looking to the stars and galaxy. Though its purpose is to greet your followers and Facebook friends with season’s greetings, this can also be edited and customized to give you a more artsy and creative design. Design your template now!

Modern Christmas Facebook & Twitter Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

You have a modern and sleek Christmas cover here which presents the joyous message of both Christmas and New Year in a neat silhouette, dotted by Christmas trees, and reindeers with bells. Let your followers feel that warm yuletide feeling when they look at your profile with the help of this Creative Christmas Cover Page. This download file contains a cover photo that is perfect for the season of rejoicing. This is easy to customize to however you wish.

Beautifully Designed Christmas Social Medial Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

You have a simple Christmas cover page here that beautifully presents the happy message of Christmas and New Year without getting too loud. The leaves and plums are really cute and render the needed flavor. Download this Simple Christmas cover page now, and you’ll be able to own a file that can showcase the holiday spirit on any social media platform. Make someone’s day a bit brighter with an indirect greeting for the season. Try it out now!

Christmas Holiday Social Media Cover Page Template

christmas holiday social media cover page template

The pitch-black background speaks of a gothic feel and the stars evoke the perfect stellar holiday feeling- not to forget the excited reindeer. The overall picture has got a unique classy touch to it. Looking for an interesting way to keep your social media page interesting? Perhaps add some festive pizazz to your account for your followers to appreciate. Download this Chalkboard Christmas template that is mentioned above now and use the available designs and layouts immediately.

Elegant Christmas Facebook and Twitter Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

If you are looking for something sleek and elegant with your Christmas social cover page, this Christmas tree silhouette would mean the world to you. The cream and brown contrast make a classic combo.

Merry Christmas Facebook and Twitter Cover Page

chris fb and twitter

With the Christmas present hanging from the top and the beautiful collage at the center made with socks, bells, Christmas tree, snowball, and other signature holiday elements, this cover page speaks of Merry Christmas from all angles.

Christmas Menu Social Media Cover Page Template

chris fb and twitter

If your restaurant is planning a gala treat on the joyous occasion of Christmas, this social media cover page would be amazing for you.

How to use Christmas Social Cover Page?

The Christmas social cover page templates would be great when you are planning to refresh your social networking cover page for the upcoming holiday season. If you are planning to launch any special deal or exclusive menu for Christmas, you can use these templates to serve as a fitting background for such highlights. Some of these templates come up with the new year wishes as well along with Christmas and hence you will be able to include your New Year deals here too. Using these templates is simple; you would simply have to download and customize them with your data.

You are getting a versatile range of Christmas social cover page templates above in a wide belt of styles to choose from. Whether you are looking to manifest a gala party mood or need a minimalist backdrop without compromising on the merry Christmas spirit or something in retro Goth style, you have got everything here. You can make use of any of the templates that are mentioned in the article or you can search for more that are available online. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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