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9+ Facebook Cover Templates

In this modern age, technology plays a big role in making it easier for people and companies to connect and transact with others. Facebook is one of those social media platforms that allows the spread of information flow smoothly between entities.

One thing that is very important in a Facebook account is the selection of a cover for your profile. It is the photo that is seen on the topmost part of your account and usually takes a big space that results to it getting more attention and focus. Check out our Facebook timeline cover templates to see more samples related to this matter.

Hospital Facebook Cover Page Template

Facebook Timeline Cover Template


Event Facebook Cover Template


Facebook Cover Photo Template

Blank Facebook Cover Template

Facebook Cover for Events

Facebook pages that are created to promote an event can fully utilize the use of a Facebook cover. Here are a few items that must be included in the Facebook cover of an event’s page:

  • The name of the event.
  • The main theme of the event must be reflected in the design of the Facebook cover.
  • The date and time the event is to occur.
  • Other information and designs that can make the cover look more informational and pleasing.

You can actually create a Facebook cover that is similar to the look of your promotion tools like brochures and posters to create more cohesiveness.

Facebook Cover for Photography Services

Photography services can also use a Facebook cover to create a preview of their works. This can be done through the following:

  • A photographer may just select one photo and use it as a background of the Facebook cover with the information regarding his or her photography services.
  • Also, a photographer can create a collage of his or her best works an use them as the main design items in the cover of his or her Facebook page.

It all depends on the photographer and on how he wants to feature his or her works that the Facebook cover of a photography page will look.

Aside from our Facebook cover samples and templates, you may also download our Facebook banner templates.

Facebook Business Cover Template

Free Facebook Cover Template


Vintage Facebook Cover Template


Elegant Facebook Cover Design


Business and Corporate Facebook Cover

Companies can also make use of a cover letter to give more focus on their offerings. It is a way of promotion by using a marketing tool (the cover photo) within a marketing tool (the company’s Facebook page). here are a few suggestions that they may consider in creating a cover for their Facebook page:

  • Use images that showcase their new products and services. It can help their viewers to know the new offerings that they can purchase.
  • Create a Facebook cover that can capture the attention of the people. Use images of products and/or services and create a layout where they will look put together and visually outstanding.
  • Aside from photos, you can actually add a few texts to give more information about the photos in the Facebook cover.

Uniqueness of the Facebook Cover

It is very important to select or create a Facebook cover that will stand out because of its uniqueness. Make sure that you cover photo is showing the purpose on why it has been made. With this, you can assure that your cover photo is unique, interesting and worth looking at.

You may browse through our Facebook cover templates to get more cover templates that you may use in your Facebook page. Again, make it a great addition to the page that you have created by reminding yourself of the tips and guidelines that we have made for you.


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