Top 10 Facebook Desktop Applications

Are you an avid regular Facebook user who is constantly uploading photos, checking profiles or changing statuses? Well, in that case it must be really daunting for you to log in to your Facebook account every now and then. But the great bit is that there are some Facebook Template desktop applications that will enable you to carry on your favorite activities on Facebook faster.

Facebook Photo Uploder Desktop Application

If you love expressing your life in terms of pictures on Facebook, this is now made easier with Facebook Photo Uploader Desktop Applications. Share your pictures with your friends and get a chance to view the pictures they share. Get notifications when your loved ones comment like or comment on the photos shared by you.

FMenu Facebook Desktop Application

A perfect app for Facebook lovers, you can view all your FB notifications and messages on your desktop by uploading this app. With this app, you can stay in sync with all that is going on, on Facebook. What’s more, you can even update your status using shortcuts. From pokes to messages, notifications to requests, never ever miss anything with this app.

UI for Silverlight Facebook Desktop Application

Looking for marketing your new business or project on Facebook? This UI for Silverlight Facebook applications with its wide range of controls allows you to build a page that is descriptive and at the same time extremely interactive and user friendly. With easy drag and drop options, creating a professional interface seems like a breeze.

Yoono Facebook Desktop Application

Easy to use, this application helps you to integrate all your social networking accounts at one place and allows you to access them with equal ease. Easy sharing and quick notifications, irrespective of the account, makes this an ideal choice if you love to stay connected and keep a tab on what all is happening around you.

Socialite Desktop Application For You

Are you active on a number of social networking sites and finding it hard to keep a tab on all the messages and notifications? Thanks to Socialite Desktop application, you can now easily bring in all your accounts under one app and get regular updates and notifications. With this app, logging into every account separately becomes a thing of the past.

Bloom Facebook Desktop Application

Love uploading pictures and images on Facebook and sharing it with your loved ones? Well, with Bloom Facebook Desktop App, you can now keep a tab on the views and comments on the pictures shared by you. What’s more, managing your albums is also made easy with this app.

Facebook Notify Me Desktop Application

Missing out on important Facebook notifications due to your busy schedule? Make this a thing of the past with Facebook Notify Me Desktop application. Once you download this app, it syncs in with your Facebook account and notifies you instantly about new messages, friend requests, likes and comments made by friends or customers.

Facedesk Facebook Desktop Application

If you are a hardcore Facebook fan, then this app is a boon for you. Downloading this app to your desktop allows you to access and run your facebook account on it. Acting just like a web browser, this app seems to be a perfect companion for all FB addicts.

Fishbowl for Facebook Desktop Application

This app acts a perfect browser for Facebook enthusiasts and treats them to a browsing experience that is free of annoying ads. Use this app to update your newsfeed, view images and videos shared by you and your friends and even treat yourself to slideshows of the different images. Working on a mini mode, it also acts as a notifier.

Zebr Facebook Desktop Application

If you love updating your Facebook status a number of times during the course of the day, Zebr is an app that would come in handy. With this app, you can update your status anytime, anywhere without logging into your profile. What’s more, it keeps a tab on the status of your friends as well.

There are several Facebook desktop applications out there but we have laid down below the top 10 most popular of them which cover the most common used operations on this famous social media site. The applications mentioned below are really easy to work with.

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