10+ Father’s Day Social Media Templates


As of 2019, there are over three billion social media users worldwide, making it an ideal platform for communication. If you wish to make a greeting on social media, you can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed. Here, we’ve got an entire collection of social media templates that you can use for making Father’s Day greetings.

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5 Steps to Make a Father’s Day Social Media Element

Step 1: Choose what social media platform to use

What are you planning to use for making your greeting or announcement? Are you planning to do it through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? If you still hadn’t made an account on any of the three, now’s the time to do it. Whether or not you already have an account, choose which social media site works best for you.

Step 2: Download a Father’s Day social media template

Skip the hassle and go directly to getting yourself an editable template. We’ve gathered up some truly stunning and highly editable social media templates below that you can simply download. With this, you’ll only be a few steps away from making a social media feature that’s worth showing off on the internet.

Step 3: Write the content of the element

Is your social media post for greeting only or is it for announcement purposes as well? Make your message clear and concise. If you want, you may also write a more thorough caption along with the post. Since most of these are templates in PSD, you may need to edit them using Adobe Photoshop.

Step 4: Add a photo to the element

Social media sites are known for their use of cover, banner, or profile photos. After you’re done adding the content, it’s now time to enhance the design by adding an image or a photo to the design. When choosing a photo, just make sure that it’s clear and appreciable, any file format will do.

Step 5: Post or upload the finished social media element

Once you’ve finished editing the social media template, you can finally put it up on your social media account. Of course, you should upload it on the right website and on the right section of the website. Afterward, your social media element will be posted and will be visible to everyone connected to you.

10+ Father’s Day Social Media Templates

1. Father’s Day Twitter Post Template

fathers day twitter post template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Bring attention to your Twitter account by using this post template, you can even add a short caption to your post to fully make it meaningful. Definitely check out our Father’s Day Twitter Header template while you’re at it. Also, you may be required to edit this template in Photoshop to have full control over the design.

2. Father’s Day Instagram Post Sample

fathers day instagram post sample
File Format
  • Photoshop


Considering Instagram is just as popular as other social media sites, it makes perfect sense to include one here in our collection of Father’s Day social media templates. With this template, you’ll only drive more traffic towards your website plus you’ll also warm the heart of the fathers out there who’ll be able to read your post.

3. Father’s Day Facebook Post Example

fathers day facebook post example
File Format
  • Photoshop


when you choose to go with Facebook when making Father’s Day posts, you can use this template either as your profile image, cover photo, or timeline post. Get more likes or reactions with your post, and make your father aware of how much he means to you. Don’t hesitate to use this Facebook template. Download it now!

4. Father’s Day Google Plus Format

fathers day google plus format
File Format
  • Photoshop


In case you didn’t know, Google has its own social media platform called Google Plus, and this here is an editable and downloadable template that you can use for expressing your love to your father. We also have other templates that you can use with your Google Plus accounts such as a Father’s Day header and a cover template.

5. Bundled Father’s Day Instagram Samples

bundled fathers day instagram samples Download

By creating bundles of our templates, we’re actually allowing you to create multiple Father’s Day Instagram ads from a single download. This template comes with 11 fully editable PSD files, some free fonts, and some color variations that you can change very easily. What more do you need? Go ahead and download this template now.

6. Social Media Father’s Day Designs

social media fathers day designs Download

We know you’ve been looking for this, and here it is. This here is a social media bundle of everything you need just to say Happy Father’s Day on the internet. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, it’s all here and they’re fully layered to allow you to customize the design very easily.

7. Father’s Day Sale Cover Template

fathers day sale cover template Download

Just like most occasions, business hold sales and promos to attract customers and to boost their profit. Oftentimes, their announcements are done on social media to easily get their message across a lot of people. Here is a Facebook ad template that will allow you to make such an announcement and you can use it as a cover image.

8. Father’s Day Social Media Layouts

fathers day social media layouts Download

If you’re looking for another bundled template that you can use for your social media needs, this one might be a good choice. Although these templates come only in the PSD format, there is also a JPG file included that contains some important references that might be handy to you.

9. Super Dad Facebook Cover Layout

super dad facebook cover layout Download

After everything they’ve gone through and how much they’ve sacrificed, dads should be rewarded for simply being super. Right here, we’ve got a Facebook cover template that you can use to either greet your father or to make an announcement regarding a business. Just like all the dads out there, this template is worth bragging about.

10. Pa’s Day Social Media Formats

pas day social media formats Download

Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, this bundled Father’s Day social media template may be your best choice. This pack contains 11 social media templates that you can edit and use for posting on your account. Also, these templates are all layered and fully editable. Also, you might be interested in our Father’s Day flyer template.

11. Father’s Day Sale Instagram Example

fathers day sale instagram example Download

If you need to inform Instagram users about a Father’s Day sale, you might want to give this template a shot. With this, people on Instagram will know about the discounted products that will be offered during the occasion. Speaking of discounts, you might also want to check out our Father’s Day shopping voucher template.

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