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Myspace Templates

Although not as popular as it used to be, MySpace still has over 25 million users who are actively using it. The once widely popular social networking site is still considered to be among the best social media sites and appeals to millions of users worldwide. It’s biggest selling point was the fact that it was simply so customizable, to the extent that you could personalize each profile in such detail that you pretty much ended up having your own mini site within its own website.... Read More

myspace halloween layouts

31+ MySpace Halloween Themes & Templates

Halloween is here and its time you start sporting a scary look for others to see. Putting the shades and pictures on the social networking site may not be enough to extract the full potential of the occasion and this justifies the inclusion of MySpace Halloween layouts into the mix. These templates are extremely vibrant and have the best color combinations out of the pack. One can easily customize the colors and hues depending upon the requirements whereas text additions and print readiness further add to the resourcefulness.

30+ Best Free MySpace Fashion Layouts

Fashion is more of a personal statement and less of a compulsion is the modern era. The spotlight is on MySpace fashion layouts for covering up the loose ends. These fashion layouts come with awesome designs and graphics which can be used for personal use and also for certain professional marketing campaigns. MySpace being a social networking site has many admirers and these layouts allow us to be recognized over there, thus enhancing the online reputation. Pictures and color combinations are available in plenty whereas these can be customized as well, based on the myriad user requirements. One can modulate the way any profile page looks over the social networking site and these top rated layouts come in handy for the designers.