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20+ Real Estate Instagram Templates in PSD | Vector | EPS

Instagram has been more than a social media site. Nowadays, it is already utilized as a business tool that can help companies and establishments connect to its desired market. By using an Instagram Ad, your business can present its nature of operations. products, services, and/or other offers to a wider online audience.

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20+ Real Estate Instagram Templates

1. Real Estate Agent Instagram Post


2. Real Estate Marketing Instagram Post



3. Open House Real Estate Instagram Post


4. Commercial Real Estate Instagram Post


5. Real Estate Instagram Banner


6. Modern Real Estate Instagram Post


7. Coming Soon Real Estate Instagram Post


8. Real Estate Sale Instagram Post


9. Real Estate Instagram Ad Template

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  • PSD

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There are templates that you can highly-utilize if you want to create a well-formatted Instagram Ad for your real estate business. If you will refer to a real estate Instagram Ad template, make sure that you will be particular with the features that you want to modify so you can have a document that can resemble the design vision that you initially have.

10. Real Estate Instagram Banner Template

Aside from a real estate catalog, you can also use a real estate Instagram banner for your marketing and sales activities. When trying to develop a real estate Instagram banner template, you have to consider the timeliness of your real estate Instagram banner posting. You can present the banner together with a product launch to let your marketing efforts have more impact.

5 Steps for Creating an Impressive Real Estate Instagram Post

Do you have an Instagram account that your real estate business can optimize for its social media marketing efforts? Try to follow the listed steps below so you can develop an outstanding real estate Instagram post.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With How Social Media Posts are Made

Nowadays, following trends can make your social media posts become more interesting. Even if you will consider what is currently enjoyed or positively received by the market, you still have to develop an original Instagram post that can give your real estate business a wider social media and online reach.

Step 2: Think of an Effective Instagram Posting Strategy

The external social media activities within the real estate industry is only one of the variables that you have to look into. Aside from this, you also have to brainstorm with your management and marketing team so you can come up with a strategy that can make your Instagram posts relevant and high-performing.

Step 3: Prepare the Content, Design, and Theme of Your Instagram Post

Know how to present your real estate business’ brand, handled properties, agents, and service offers. Just like when creating a real estate presentation, you can also first prepare all the materials and items that you need when developing an Instagram post. Prepare a mood board, a content draft, an Instagram post design vision, and a set of design items or materials that can be put together in the Instagram posts of your business.

Step 4: Download a Real Estate Instagram Template for Layout Referencing

For it to be easier for you to place all your Instagram post items in one layout, we recommend you to download a real estate Instagram template. Make sure to select a layout reference that is aligned with your Instagram post design vision.

Step 5: Fill Your Layout With Relevant Design Details and Content

With all the items that you need fully-prepared, the last thing that you need to do is to modify the real estate Instagram post layout and incorporate all the things that are essential for your Instagram post to be both informative and well-designed. Finalize your Instagram post and be ready for posting.

11. Basic Real Estate Instagram Example

Try to be in the position of your target online audience when creating your basic real estate Instagram example. May it be a free Instagram Ad template or an Instagram post that you are making, you have to make sure that your market can relate to what you are posting so they can be more involved in your online activities.

12. Real Estate Instagram in PSD

As a marketing and advertising tool, your real estate Instagram posts should let your clients and sales leads be familiar with your current offers, programs, products, services, and/or business brand. If you can make a real estate Instagram Ad; or banner in this manner, then it is for sure that you can reap a lot of rewards and benefits from developing and using Instagram as one of your online marketing platforms.

13. Real Estate Instagram Post Template


Balance the design and content seen on your real estate Instagram posts. Your real estate Instagram post template should be well-formatted so there can be proper allocation of design materials, information, and other Instagram post visual features.

14. Retro Real Estate Instagram in PSD

Resort with the usage of design themes and ensure that you will look into the proper incorporation of these themes in your real estate Instagram posts, ads, and/or banners. Do you want to incorporate a traditional appeal or an old-time vibe in your Instagram posts? Try to use retro real estate Instagram in PSD to help you with regards this matter.

15. Classic Real Estate Instagram Template


Even if you have the best designed Instagram posts out there, if it will not appeal to your target market then it will still be considered as a failed effort. This is the reason why you have to be prepared when executing Instagram posting activities. With the usage of a classic real estate Instagram template, carefully plan the real estate Instagram posts that you will put in your Instagram profile.

16. Vintage Real Estate Instagram in PSD


Think of your branding strategy when making your real estate Instagram posts. A vintage real estate Instagram in PSD may work for your business but not in the same way that it works for other real estate companies. The main take away in this example is that you have to know your online and Instagram marketing needs first so you can come up with highly-effective Instagram posts.

17. Vintage Real Estate Instagram Template

Use well-designed Instagram posts. From a vintage real estate Instagram template to a sleek and modern real estate Instagram template, there is a wide range of template selections that you can utilize to your advantage. Make sure that you will review the designs, features, and layout of all your Instagram post template choices so you can optimize your Instagram marketing postings.

18. Modern Real Estate Instagram in PSD

You have to make sure that your desired clients can relate to the posts that they will see in your Instagram profile. Make all your modern real estate Instagram in PSD posts understandable, informative and relevant. More so, identify the expectations and needs of your market so you can present Instagram posts that are related to their activities.

19. Editable Real Estate Instagram Template

Do not underestimate the benefits of having a real estate Instagram post template. Use editable real estate Instagram templates so you can have a layout guide without removing your chances to modify features that can give the final output a revamped and original look.

20. Real Estate Instagram Design in PSD


Be particular with the real estate Instagram designs that you will select for your Instagram Ad templates. Your design options must be simple yet still attractive to look at. Knowing how to compliment the content of your Instagram posts with an impressive real estate Instagram design in PSD can let you relay your online marketing message in an attention-grabbing manner.

21. Classic Real Estate Instagram Design

A classic real estate Instagram design can be used by real estate business which offer timeliness and classic real estate properties. This type of real estate Instagram references can also be utilized by companies which offer elegant and luxurious commercial, residential, and business spaces.

It is a fact that you can still develop a real estate Instagram post without a template. However, having a template readily-available when needed can make it easier for you to create Instagram posts without lessening its quality and potential to bring in sales and online or foot traffic to your business. With this, make sure to look at the template samples that we have listed in this post just for you and your real estate business’ marketing team.

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