Top 15+ Beautiful MySpace Blog Templates

There are blogs which interest the gizmo lovers, blogs for a social cause, pages about the sports teams and also those blogs which are just used to share a blogger’s insights/views. With the advent of marketing through User Interface, making a blog page catchy and attractive to look at is equally important as the content that it has.
Myspace, the first major social networking site ever, may have tumbled into oblivion but many of its users are still out there loyal to their first social networking experience. So, to the Myspace enthusiasts, this article shares with you 15 templates for bloggers to spruce up your Myspace profile to suit the mood you are in while blogging.

Red Fall Leaves

For all the hedonists blogging about life in general and its enjoyments, this template sets the perfect outlook. Everyone loves the fall and what better way to picturize it than the pretty clover shaped leaves. The template provides the option to customize it according to your needs.

Unite in the Fight

Most bloggers start blogging to fight for a cause or get noticed for something they believe in. This template is perfect if you are fighting for something you believe in.


Sports fanatics blogging about their favorite teams have numerous templates to choose from. Most popular templates being the ones with their favorite team’s logos and star players running in the background. The following template is a simple template with graphics implemented. Catchy yet subdued!


Blogging about your interests and hobbies? Popular blogs are those which share experiences and views with other people with the same common interest. A simple template with theme of your interest, with a background that sets the tone would just be apt.

Black & white

A simple background change at will, according to the mood which you would like to set for your blog, an array of colors are available with a simple background and contrasting colors for the imagery and text. Simple yet elegant!

Need Bass

Myspace started as a space for social networking, it slowly gained popularity as the portal for launching budding music artists and bands. If you are one of those musical maniacs trying to showcase your talent, there are an enormous number of instruments /artists to choose from. It can also be customized to popularize your very own band/instrument.

Night Fare

Nothing depicts a city more beautiful than its view at night. So why not include that lovely image into your Myspace profile. The layout features a blue background with a neat window blinder themed image center. The template also comes with a music box and easy to install instructions.

White Oleandor flowers 3.0

Flowers that show off too many colors are a thing of the past; but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in your Myspace blog. Try this template with cleverly shaded white flowers in a dark green background. The arrangements of the flowers are oriented in such a way as to clearly attract attention at first sight.

The Little mermaid

Fan of Disney character – the little mermaid? Then you will surely love this brilliantly designed theme. The template features a very beautiful image of the little mermaid sitting on the ocean floor with her pet pal, with a deep blue ocean background behind. The template is an awesome way to show how you enjoyed your childhood.

Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)II

Japanese anime has surely gained a lot of reputation in the past few years, and it’s actually pretty cool if you’re a fan of this specific media. So why not add it to your Myspace page? The KuroshitsijiMyspace template was created with inspiration from the original series. The black and white image centered in a light and gloomy pink adds a special touch of style to this anime template.

Stef…I Mean Lady Gaga

If you’re one of those people who like the music and fashion clothing of Lady gaga, you will surely love the look of this Myspace Template. Featuring a central image of the famous pop star, the theme is actually very good looking if you’re looking for something funky. And the fashion sense of lady gaga is brought on to the template as well, because the content is structured in a pyramid at the centre.


It’s not necessary that you have to love nature to adopt this template, because quite simply, this is one of the best looking templates in Myspace. With its tree-branch structure layout, and banner shaped content roll out, you couldn’t ask for more in a Myspace template. Also the branching of the various links should give your head some exercise as well.

Red v/s Beige

As the name suggests, the template provides a wonderful contrast between the two exquisite colors in the web. And not just that, the theme is also uniquely designed to resemble little ragged pieces of paper, lined and crumpled at the edges, now how cool is that?

Flowers & Stars:

The essence of a beautiful picture is mostly flowers or stars. The following template contains both in equal measures, the graphics adds to the attraction of the template.

Pastel Plaid:

Stripes and checks are never out of fashion. Templates with simple shades of stripes and checks are classy enough to catch anyone’s eye. This template suits the need of any type of blogger irrespective of what their blog revolves around. It serves as an all purpose background for those blogs which boast of multiple topics.

Time Waits for Noone

Though it may seem to be a bit of an ironic title, the design of this template will surely meet the exact requirements you have in mind. Riddled with vintage stop watches, dead roses and some blood shots on the sides and a clear white color on the background – the template will surely add a lot of mystery to you Myspace page.

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