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Top 30 Outstanding Twitter Backgrounds with Animal Prints

With half a billion registered users, Twitter has become one of the main social networking sites on the net and is perhaps the best for marketing use due to its straight to the point Tweets. Twitter user profiles, whether personal or business, can be customized to a much larger extent than other networks in terms of the background and color scheme. Here we are going to list some animal print themed Twitter backgrounds for you to use on your user profile.

1. Lush Print from Snazzy Space

A blue, purple and gray mix of different animal prints from zebra to leopard. The background can add an extra dimension to your Twitter profile with a colorful design.

2. Animal Print Knuckles from Snazzy Space

Knuckle themed animal print that makes good use of combining purple and light blue on a black and white background. Stylish design to enhance your profile.

3. Animalia from Snazzy Space

This design incorporates several animal skin designs. It uses zebra, cheetah, leopard and snake skins to make a flamboyant but ultimately stylish Twitter background.

4. White Leopard from Totally Layouts

A very basic white leopard print that is minimalist in appearance but does improve a user profile. Clean design that can be easily installed on any Twitter account.

5. Black Snake from Snazzy Space

A dark snake skin for Twitter. The print is great for those wanting to create a darker profile in terms of design and it can be installed in just a couple of clicks.

6. Animal Print I from Cherry Bam

A cheetah spot design that can be used as a Twitter background. It has a modern and stylish feel to it while brightening up a user’s profile at the same time.

7. Blue Leopard from Snazzy Space

A Twitter background design that features leopard spots in blue. The background itself is quite bright but manages to remain stylish.

8. Blue Pink Leopard from Snazzy Space

A very modern design that combines blue and pink leopard spots on a white background. Instantly enhances a user profile with color and vibrancy.

9. Animal Print II from Cherry Bam

Another modern style from Cherry Bam with a cracked effect. Combines colors well to create a colorful yet understated background.

10. Cougar from Snazzy Space

Cougar is bright with 6 different bar designs. Combines black and white, pink, blue and yellow in a flamboyant style.

11. A purple bolt from Dazzle Junction

Animal print style background. Features lightning bolts with a purple and black background to create a fun design.

12. Broken Heart from Dazzle Junction

An animal print Twitter background with broken love hearts, and a blue and dark theme. Great to spruce up your Twitter profile.

13. Fluro Color Leopard from Snazzy Space

A dark design that will provide your Twitter user profile with blues and blacks. While shadowy, the design has hints of color to create an interesting combination.

14. Grey Leopard from Snazzy Space

A light but minimalist Twitter background design that is easily incorporated into your profile. It makes good use of gray and black with a 3D like effect.

15. Brown & Orange from Dazzle Junction

This animal print Twitter background combines brown and orange to create a glamorous yet not imposing design. A strip of pink adds to the color.

16. Hot Zebra from Snazzy Space

As bright a background as you are ever likely to find. Exuberant pink in the zebra style will add instant color to your Twitter profile.

17. Lime Zebra from Snazzy Space

A background not for the fainthearted. It is in a zebra skin design but incorporates a bright lime color to light up the page without being overpowering.

18. Bright Green Leopard from Zinger Bug

Another wildly colorful Twitter design that adds an element of fun to your profile. The bright green nature of the leopard print means that it is best suited to personal profiles.

19. Moo Cow from Snazzy Space

A cow-like print that is basic but yet adds something different to a user profile. Black and white means that it is not particularly colorful but it does blend in well.

20. Peace Defined from Dazzle Junction

Peace Defined creates a harmonious spirit about the design with peace symbols and also bright colors from purple, blue, pink and yellow.

21. Pink Peace from Dazzle Junction

Another peace themed design but this time in pink. More colorful and it does stand out from ordinary designs, while combining pink and white to good effect.

22. Square from Dazzle Junction

Square is colorful with lime green, blue, black and white but is stylish and modern. The square animal print creates a good Twitter background design.

23. Striped from Dazzle Junction

Striped consists of neat lines across the page with animal prints in various colors. Makes good use of the color chart and is great for a bright profile.

24. Multi-Color from Dazzle Junction

Combination of different light and dark colors, Multi-Color is designed for colorful Twitter user profile backgrounds. Good use of animal print too.

25. Animal Stripes from Snazzy Space

Combines different animal stripes in an animal print design. Quite colorful and bright without being overly so.

26. Purple Zebra from Snazzy Space

Waxy animal print design. Purple with black and white, so it combines both colorful with understated. Good for personal use.

27. Flower from Snazzy Space

Animal print design with flowers. Integrates several different shades of pink to create a well-rounded design.

28. Dark Gritty Leopard from Art Moth

A gritty print from Art Moth. While it has dark colors and a shadowy feel, Dark Gritty Leopard is a stylish background.

29. Mixed Animal Prints from Art Moth

A colorful and wacky design that makes good uses of several colors such as purple, yellow and aqua blue. Ideal for a personal user profile.

30. Wolf from Snazzy Space

An arty wolf design. Makes use of a lot of white space while keeping the animal print in a multi-color style.

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