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6 Tips to Get More Out of Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most powerful and popular cloud storage applications on the web. It can be downloaded on any device, which makes the transfer and access of files very convenient. Although an Internet connection is needed for files to be saved on Dropbox, the pros of using this popular file hosting service vastly outweigh any cons. In actuality, saving files in Dropbox has become safer compared to saving your files on external hard drives and flash drives. You can easily recover deleted or corrupted files which are impossible to do when files are stored in hard drives.

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Here are some of the best and most important tips that will help you get more out of using Dropbox.

Document Saving

The advantage of cloud storage is that it lets you save files without the use of a hard drive. Dropbox has perfected this feature and lets users save any files, especially documents. The problem with using hard drives is that when you insert it in an infected desktop computer or laptop, the files usually get corrupted and, unfortunately, there is no easy way to recover them. When typing important documents, it is highly advised that you install Dropbox, transfer the document there, and continue working from there. The application automatically saves the document’s progress every few minutes as long you as have an Internet connection. If you haven’t finished your work, you can continue typing anywhere and anytime without having to think of losing your files. If Dropbox is not installed in the device you are using,  you can always access the Dropbox website and save your files there.

Recover old and deleted files

The problem with flash drives is that when you delete a file, you lose it forever. Dropbox prevents this from happening and the application template gives you 30 days before they turn your files into memories. Use Dropbox often so you can take note of all the files you are currently working on and the files you no longer need. The application helps you recover old versions of files you may suddenly need.

File sharing

Aside from letting users sync their files across all devices, Dropbox’s other very popular feature is file sharing. With a single click, users can share their files with any Dropbox user, whether these are documents, music or movie files, or other software, as long as the files fit in the user’s storage space. The application even lets users who don’t have Dropbox accounts send files to Dropbox users through the File Request feature.

Selective syncing

Compared to other cloud software, Dropbox doesn’t let users automatically sync everything across their devices. This is the problem with most cloud software where they don’t let users choose which files need to be synced. Syncing duplicate items, especially bigger sized files takes too long, which can frustrate the user. Dropbox lets you select which files you want to sync, making it more convenient and quick.

Extra storage

When you think of cloud, you think of paying for storage. This is unfortunately true. Most cloud storage application forms want you to pay first before they give you a bigger storage capacity. Dropbox, on the other hand, lets you get free space through a number of options. The application comes with 2 GB of storage if you register. But let’s be honest, 2 GB is enough if you only plan to store documents.

Dropbox gives you an additional 500 MB storage if you refer friends to use the file hosting service. You can also get 3 GB if you download the photo management app, Carousel (made by Dropbox, of course). The free space doesn’t end there as you also get 1 GB if you link your Dropbox with the email applicationMaildrop.

Dropbox is one of the pioneers in the cloud storage business and it has made it easier for users to access and transfer files across different devices and platforms. Use these six tips to take full advantage of all that Dropbox has to offer.

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