Agri & Farming Postcard Template


Newspaper Advertising is often expensive; you can’t afford it if you are a new agribusiness startup. Luckily, the 4.25’ X 6.25’ Agriculture and Farming Postcard Template is the giants advertising tool for farming enthusiasts with small capital base. Unlike newspaper advertising, using postcards is a great way to keep all your competitor in the dark; so, it’s a useful tool for reaching out to the target audiences without the competitor ever knowing. This card will help you do two things: help you engage customers to your website and track your marketing results.

Because they are portable and small in size, postcards can be carried in pocket books, pockets, hands and posted on desks and refrigerator doors. Postcards are portable, which makes them the best tools for sending regular reminders to the targeted client or audience about what you do.


  • The template is rich with awesome features, the least of which is that it has a pocket friendly size.
  • The template comes to you in primarily three formats: Corel Draw, Photoshop Document and Adobe Illustrator file. So, you can use your favorite template editors to customize the template, just in case.
  • It features a 300 dpi resolution with CMYK color mode.
  • It supports bleed.
  • It includes high quality royal free images for commercial and personal use.

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