Simple Weekly & Daily Planner Design

Simple Weekly & Daily Planner Design

People don’t often write daily and weekly plans for two reasons: they think it’s too hard or unnecessary. But honestly, this is a shame, because lack of plan always prevent people from living purpose driven lives. You will notice that the most successful people around you have plans, which means that sometimes all you need to achieve your goals isn’t knowledge and a good education but a good daily and weekly plan. We have made planning even easier by creating a $2.00 daily and weekly planner for you. You can download this template now and use it for your daily planning.

  • The template is high quality, so the photocopies of the original piece will be clear.
  • It has clear layers and layer groups.
  • The A4 size daily plan template uses commercial free fonts and images, and not only does it support bleed but also, it’s fully layered and editable.
  • Every layer has sufficient space where you can write your daily and weekly plan.
  • The files are print ready; the design is high quality and appealing, there won’t be a need to customize.
  • It supports bleed, and commercial free fonts and images are used.
  • Layers and layer groups are well organized.

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