Superb Printable Valentines Day Greeting Card Template

GreetingcardMockup 3

How’s it different from all other Valentine’s Day Greetings Cards, you ask? Well, this one’s more suited for college goers, teenage lovers, and married couples who don’t like to hold back when they express love. The stock image of a couple embracing each other passionately is licensed for free use, and you can replace it with custom designs and personalized images. Features such as bleed support, print readiness, and 300 dpi resolution make it a must have. It’s compatible with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrators, so feel free to customize it the way you want, to create great design outcomes.


  • Size: 5×7
  • Resolution : 300 DPI,CMYK setting
  • Print Fonts Included
  • Bleed Support: Yes
  • Formats Included: PS
  • Simple & Elegant Design

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