13+ Best Golf Ticket Templates

Golf is one of the most entertaining and popular games that is played all around the world. If you are obsessed with this well-known game and are planning to design tickets not just for this sporting event, but also for other occasions then you must check out our golf ticket templates!

How to Create the Best Golf Ticket in Just 5 Steps

Step 1: Choose a Layout for Your Golf Ticket

There are plenty of different layouts one can choose from, in creating a golf ticket. Make sure you stand out from others and keep your ticket unique in its design. You can also come up with various themes for your layout in case you’re planning to design the ticket for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on.

Step 2: Select Your Ticket Size

Next, you can decide on the size or dimensions of the golf ticket. You can keep it in the standard size or increase the size a bit. It’s up to you to decide as per the event or occasion that is to be conducted. There are plenty of free ticket templates available for you to check out and refer so you can come up with an amazing golf ticket.

Step 3: Add Graphical Images

After deciding on the size of the ticket, you can insert graphical images on the ticket. Pick an image that is most suitable for the event. You could place the image of a golf ball or a player who is in action while hitting a gold ball. Keep your audience in mind while designing the ticket as it’s important for them to resonate with it.

Step 4: Enter Context

Once you have placed the images, you may proceed by entering context that is related to the golf event. Important information such as venue details, date of the event, seat number, time and so on should be clearly mentioned and properly highlighted.

Step 5: Print the Ticket

The final step concludes with the printing of the tickets. But before that, it is always better to cross check or review the ticket to see if everything is correct. Once it is correct then you can proceed by printing your golf ticket. for ready-made golf tickets, you can check out printable ticket templates.

13+ Best Golf Ticket Templates

1. Club Golf Tournament Ticket Template

club golf tournament ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


2. Printable Golf Ticket

printable-golf-ticket Download

If you’re planning to send out invites for yours or your loved one’s birthday party, then you can incorporate this golf birthday ticket design template in your invitation card which can be easily printed. It is available in male and female version so you can pick whichever is suitable for the occasion.

3. Golf Ticket Design Template

golf-ticket-design-template Download

Take a look at this golf ticket design template that can be used for events such as Golf Cup competitions, Tournaments or Golf Championships. It has details that are of high quality. It also has very well organized folders/layers making it easier for you to work with.

4. Charitable Golf Tournament Ticket

Charitable Golf Tournament Ticket Download

Download this “Charitable Golf Tournament Ticket” template has a retro grunge design to it. It is most suitable to use for a sports club, a charity organization, school fundraisers and many other competitive tournaments. You can use to template to give your event a very nostalgic appeal.

5. Golf Event Banner and Ticket

golf-event-banner-and-ticket Download

The above template represents a sports ticket that can be used for a Golf tournament or any event that is in relation to this sport. It consists of a package that comes with fully editable PSD Layered file. It lets you fill information such as name, address and phone number.

6. Golf Ticket Template

Golf Ticket Template Download

Use this golf invitation template that can be used to invite guests for birthday parties, costume parties or any other fun events. It can be easily edited by replacing the text with your own event details. There is no requirement of downloading any software with this one.

7. Modern Golf Ticket

modern-golf-ticket Download

Check out this really cool modern golf ticket template that allows you to mention price details of the game for different winners. You can edit the details on this green and black themed template by using your own details. All the necessary details are highlighted perfectly.

8. Printable Ticket for a Golf Vacation

Printable Ticket for a Golf Vacation Download

Surprise your near and dear ones with a golf vacation by giving them this customizable golf boarding pass ticket. It comes with five blank fields that can be filled in areas such as name, departure, arrival, date and time. Get it instantly printed and use it how many ever times you like!

9. Golf Sports Ticket Set

golf-sport-ticket-set Download

Make golf tickets fun and lively by making use of this golf sports ticket set template. It comes in two sets as can be seen from the image. The name, price and date details of the gold game can be adjusted as per the needs of the gaming event. Download this animated template right away!

10. Golf Ticket Invitation Sample

golf-ticket-invitation-sample Download

Birthday events can be made all the more fun by introducing this template design in your tickets. It is a golf-themed template that can be easily edited by just opening it in Adobe Reader. All you have to do is change up the text details with your own invitation details and you’re good to go!

11. Golf Ticket Example

Golf Ticket Example Download

The above sample ticket invitation template shows an example of a golf ticket that can be used to host golf events such as charities, fundraisers, tournaments and so on. It has a design that is eye-catching and attractive. It has a small black form wherein information related to phone number and name can be filled.

12. Golf Ticket Sample

Golf Ticket Sample Download

Be unique and stand out from the rest by using this gold ticket as a reference for your design. It has various elements that make this ticket appear very interesting and modern. It has barcodes and ticket numbers that can be changed and customized. Apart from golf, many other sports ticket invitation templates are also present for you to take a look at!

13. Golf Save The Date Ticket

Golf Save The Date Ticket Download

You can now design a ticket for your wedding by using this “golf save the date” ticket template. It is a fun and unique way of inviting guests to attend your wedding. You can add a mesmerizing picture of the couple in the ticket along with their names and wedding day details.

14. Simple Golf Ticket

simple-golf-ticket Download

Check out this simple golf ticket that is designed to be used for events such as a Golf Cup competition, Tournament or Golf Championship. It consists of high details and extremely well-organized layers and folders. It comes in a size of 2×6 inches and is a print ready file.

15. Golf Event Ticket

Golf Event Ticket Download

This template shows a golf ticket for an event named “Big Break Night”. It is a fundraiser ticket for a memorial fund. It includes information related to golf competitions, contests, live gigs, a silent auction, raffle prizes, and giveaways. The price of the ticket is also mentioned at the bottom of the golf ticket

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