7 Things That Designers Can Learn from Games!

Gaming is a source of entertainment, but can it be a source of learning too? Well, the idea seems interesting and has already made rounds amongst eminent designers who think out-of-the-box. Learning requires aptitude as well as attitude and one needs to keep the eyes and ears always open to imbibe from the knowledge pieces floating around him. So, here is how video games and computer games act as knowledge resource centre for the designers. [Top Web Design Mistakes]

> Interface is Very Important

Gaming tells the designers how choosing correct kinds of colors, themes and decorative retro elements can make the website appealing and worth clicking. Gaming interfaces are developed keeping the believability in mind and this make-believe approach can definitely make the website a trustable entity.

> Meaningful yet Innovative Navigation Tools

Navigation tools such as cursors can make the job of surfing through the website considerably pleasant. Every clickable icon containing some information provides a feeling of personal support available when a new user visits the website. Discretion should be properly practiced while planning how many cursors to use in designing the website.

> Consumer Engagement

Addictive element of games gives a clue to the designers on how to keep the end user engaged. A variety of props, stories and content pieces should be spread throughout the website space for increasing the user engagement on the website. Interactive utilities can also be integrated into the website for better engagement.

> Overpromising is Dangerous

Many games promise out-of-the-world experience but do not have anything concrete to offer to the player, killing his expectations in a moment. Hence, define the scope of the website quite intelligently first and make sure that you have not crossed the line while making promises to the end user.

> Content is the King

No designer can deny the fact that content of the website plays major role in its success. Games also indicate how a meaningful storyline makes them a player’s favorite. So, using the best quality content having high engagement is the wise learning from the games that a designer must incorporate in his skills.

> Rewards are the All-Time Best Motivators

What you get at the end of the game decides how entertaining this medium is. So, set possible targets, promise enticing rewards and also do not forget to share our journey of pain and perseverance so that a user can understand the thought process behind a website in a better way.

> Trendy is not Cool Always

You have to be odd to be the number one. This is what every new kind of game conveys the player as well as the designer. Just making the duplicate prototypes of a trending website cannot get you the audience which you strive for. Be different to make a mark among the users.

Conclusion: Games have lot to offer to a designer in terms of learning. A very meticulous thought process goes behind the development of a game. This translates into a click-and-enjoy experience for the user at the front end. So, plan well, code correctly and deliver perfectly so that none can match your design and the vision behind it.

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