Essencial Tips for Designing App Icons

There are very common mistakes repeatedly done but web developers when creating icons for their applications. This results to most of their apps being rejected by the users or the app. store after a review process is done. Every developer should have in mind that the icon is the first place most people see even before they get more information about the app.  There are screenshots of apps that are highly rated and are displayed for all people to see. Those apps are good examples of what app icons should look like. Making your icon beautiful and easily recognizable is one aspect that you should consider.

> Create a Unique Shape for your Icon

So many icons have the same color or future gradient but what makes them easily recognizable is their shape. They all start in a particular way that is different from the others. The simple shape on each of the icons helps them to be recognizable even from far. Make sure that as you develop some icon, you select the right size too. In the app store, the icons are larger compared to when on the notification or on the home screen. Make sure that they can be seen clearly on all these three key areas.

> Select Colors Carefully

Choose a combination that only comprises of two or one color. This will make the icon easily recognizable and will save you a lot of work setting the right palette.

> Take your Time to Create an Attractive and Beautiful Icon

An icon is the first interaction a person gets when selecting your app. It is the thing that will direct a person when visiting the app store. Take time to study your icon and look at the best ways in which you can develop it or make it attractive to the people and take its place in the app store.

> Avoid the use of a Photo as your Icon

Using a photo as an free psd icon might diverge the attention of the person viewing it. This is why you are advised not to use a photo as an icon for your application.

> Portray Materials Accurately

Do not put material on the icon just for the sake of coming up with the right icon. Try as much to put only the material that is important for the target audience.

> Avoid using Texts on your Icon

Avoid using any text on your icons as much s possible. Putting the texts only enlarges the size of the icon and it might be rendered illegible due to its varying resolutions. If you must put ant text, make sure you use it wisely to leave a space for your app image.

> Use the Same Color Pattern as that one in the App

The colors that you invent in your app icon design should manifest themselves in the icon too. This brings in the similarity between the app and the icon. Using a different color palette to the one on the app makes it hard for one to note or even realize which app the icon represents.

> Get it Right the First Tie you Try

This means that, when designing your icon, you should be making sure that you succeed right at the first time. This will help you so much as you will not keep editing what you have already done. Also it minimizes the cost that you are likely to incur by having to remove the icon from the app store and then inserting the revised one.

> Be Creative

You should know that you are trying to stand out among the crowd and so need to come up with a unique thing that will be seen by everyone.

> Try to Test your Icon on Different Wallpapers

Your icon might not look the same on all wall papers and so you need to test it out on various formats. Look for the formats that it is well suited for and you will be good to go. Try grouping your design into various categories that will be beneficial to you. Creating a good icon is plus to your app being reviewed.

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