10 Ideas For Freelancers To Be In The Good Book of Clients!

Freelancers are usually all-jittery before client meets and keep on weighing several means to impress the potential customers. Here are 10 Ideas For Freelancers To Be In The Good Book of Clients. [Common Fears of WordPress Freelancers]

> Remember your Client is a Simple Human

Remember your Client is a Simple Human
First of all, you must understand that your client is no superhuman and he is just a “simple human like you”. Thus, there is nothing to be afraid of when you are talking to him. You can start off with some casual talk to lighten the ambience and then get to the actual business discussions.

> Stay Planned

You must always be prepared with a mockup or storyboard or wireframe of your proposal so that the client can get a synoptic idea on your design. A planned approach is always impressive and shows that you’re in control – which in turn enables the client to feel confident about you.

> Research Well

Before you head for the client-meet, you should take time out to conduct research on your client’s company, industry, product, competitors and other crucial matters. This way, you would be better able to prepare your sales pitch or business proposal – in tune with his industry standards, areas of development, common issues. If you can make him understand that you know about his market situation, there are better chances of him trusting you with your consultancy or service.

> Ask Questions

Your clients would surely appreciate if you as informative questions about his business and market. It could be like queries on their commonly used software product, any problems they are having with latest market demands and so on. Your informative questions will show that you are articulated about the client’s scene and are genuinely looking to help you with your service.

> Jot Down the Important Points

You should jot down the important points discussed in the meeting with client before him. It will make him feel that you are active with the project and trying to work sincerely on it. In case, you have any query with the points discussed, don’t hesitate to ask back and clarify it with the client. [4 Ways To Inspire Clients]

> Be Honest

In case you don’t have knowledge regarding a particular service area demanded by your client, be honest and tell them the truth. Also assure them, that you will go through the chapters needed to develop your skill in the needed area.

> Outsource

If you are unable to handle some particular tasks beyond your very comfort zone, don’t waste time by working on it –  as it might make you compromise on your expert areas. Rather, you should outsource the task to some expert.

> Welcome Pack

When you a bag a contract with some new client, it’s natural for him to have questions about you. You should offer them a professional welcome pack here with answers for the most-asked questions by clients so that they can feel easy with you.

> Be Organized


Be organized with your planners and reminders so that you don’t miss out on the appointments or any crucial assignment- in midst of multiple clients & deadlines.

> Thank You Note


You should always send a note or message saying thank You to your client when a project gets over.

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