9 Effective Ways To Learn On Time Management!

Time is money and rich is the one who knows how to manage in the most effective way.

Be Systematic

A career as a freelancer is a tough domain since you have to handle everything on your own and the most important trick to stay sane here – is by being systematic. You must have your daily to-do list & make sure to stick to that religiously. [10 Ideas For Freelancers To Be In The Good Book of Clients]

Explain Schedule to Clients

It would be better for you if you are upfront about the schedule to your clients. Before taking up any deal, you should inform the clients about your existing projects & deadlines – so that they can have an idea about your time to their projects. Clients prefer to work with honest people; it makes everything transparent and eliminates chances of false expectations. [4 Ways To Inspire Clients To Appreciate Your Good Design]

Prioritize Your Skill Level

In times of tight budgets & timescales, the smarter route is to stick to your best skills & solutions. When you don’t know something and would need to explore more, you won’t be able to come to come up with a timely delivery in case the time is short. So, in these cases, better take up projects that are easier for you as these will less time. [Timeline Templates 2015]

Beware of Demanding Clients

There are clients who are too demanding & would keep on wasting your time with constant and irrelevant requests. In such cases, politely inform those clients that you have got other important works to do rather than attending their unproductive calls. Allot a specific time slot each day or each week to take care of these calls.

Work with a Plan

This is one of the best tips for successful time management. You should have your short-term & long-term goals with every project so that you can keep track of your progress- in tune with the client’s deadline. Set your own deadlines and goals here and live up to them. [Action Plan Templates]

Mix UP


Bring versatility in your schedule so that you are never bored- boredom brings lethargy leading to wastage of time. [Timesheet Templates]

Allot Time for other Hats

When you are a freelancer, your responsibility does not end with your service or product development for the client. It is also necessary to look after the different aspects of running a business such as networking, financing, marketing & so on. So, you should make sure to set aside some time each week to work on such aspects. A lot of freelancers often end up neglecting these important aspects given their lack of time management and over-attention to production for clients.

Automate the Accounts

When you are a freelancer, you have to spend a great deal of time & energy chasing the customers for payment. A smarter solution is to set an automated payment & invoicing system that would email the regular reminders towards the clients & include the automated bill payment links- saving a huge lot of time for you.

Learn to Balance

It takes a lot to be a freelancer but don’t let your professional side interfere with the simple joys of life. Your weekly or monthly calendar should include plans for socializing and personal assignments.

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