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Ten Reasons You Are Never Getting Clients to Work For!

With hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of freelancing jobs available on different platforms online, the chance of missing the change to make a fortune as a freelancer are highly unlikely. Professionals from different parts of the world, from simple part time writers to hardcore programmers working full time, are busy online on a daily basis doing clients’ projects within the agreed time. Working online has become the most convenient and efficient for quite a large number of people to make a living, and many are considering this path given the fact that advancements in technology now makes working online easy.

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> What is Freelancing About?

What exactly is freelancing about? Let’s face it. Most people have the idea that is just a way to make money online. That sounds a big vague though. Freelancing is a relationship building technique, where clients and contractors link together for mutual benefits. Long-term freelancing contracts always results from the good relationship that both the clients and the contractors build from the moment they met virtually to the time the workflow momentum picks well.

Perhaps the trickiest and the most challenging in getting started as a freelancer online is getting clients for the best business contract. A freelancer could take up to one month searching for some worthy client before they can get a positive reply. A disturbing question arises from the long wait. Why would it take one this long to get a client when it shouldn’t take more than 72 hours? Here are ten good reasons why you are never going to land any client work for as a freelancer online.

> You Have Done Nothing at all in Real Sense

Saying I Can Do Anything when you have actually done nothing to prove it definitely puts you on a dead end. Thousands of freelancers out there always have something to show that they have actually done something in the past and have an experience. Take claims out of the picture, have a professional sample in place and present only that to the client for the chances of being hired. Don’t be the I Can Do Anything type of person when you have done nothing at all. [We Can Do It Poster Templates]

> You Don’t Have a Portfolio

You are not getting any of those great deals because you do not have a portfolio to show what you have done in the past. Even if you are a new freelancer online and looking for your first client or project, you must have a genuine portfolio to prove that you can indeed work. Create one if you have none and present it even before a client asks for it.

> Your Rates are Ridiculous

You are charging high rates even for a simple job. You send quotations that are rather ridiculous and hoping that the client in question will concede without questioning your reasoning. You are probably going to give up searching for clients online if your rates are not negotiable.

> Inconsistency Runs Through your Veins

There is no uniform interval in your submission sequence.  A freelancer who takes too many days to deliver work to a client is likely to lose that client and in addition stand a chance never to get more. Remember, losing a client is equal to having none altogether.

> You Don’t Know how to Keep a Job

What I mean is that you lack a proper time management schedule that a freelancer needs to work efficiently. At the end of the day, you end up losing a job when you really had the chance to keep it. The most dangerous thing about not being able to keep a job, mostly because of missed deadlines, is that you end up wasting time as well as money. If you do not have a proper time management plan in place, it would be wise never to take a job at all.

> Lack of Proper Planning Even When you Land the First Deal

If a client asks you how you are going to manage their project when they trust you with it and you lack a proper answer to give, you can be sure that they are going to consider someone else for the deal. A good freelancer has a work management strategy, which helps them to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

> It is About You not the Client

The one thing most freelancers have never understood is that it is not about them but the client. You are not getting clients to work with because every question surrounding the contract on the table is all about you. Such habits make clients think twice about hiring you and instead consider someone else.

> You Base Your Description on Others

You have no your own performance development. It is actually vague to tell a client that you will work like a friend you know does a good job. Hey! This about you and the client in question. Saying that you can work like Tom, Dickson and Harry is definitely going to hurt your profile.


You can only get good clients if you avoid these ten mistakes. I would advise that you assess yourself, see what you can do and know what you want to achieve and have a good business plan in place. Then and only then should you start looking for clients.

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