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21+ Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogs are hard to maintain but a worthwhile endeavor when you know how to make the most out of every post. You can always start with the help of some Blog Templates. If you are new to blogging and you still haven’t gotten a lot of visitors on your site then this post can help you with your problem! Our competent and digitally-savvy curators have come up with a list of tips for new and professional bloggers that want to improve their blog’s traffic. Since the number of viewers in your website matters a lot, here are a few tips on how to improve the numbers and steadily increase your daily users.

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Write More

More content means more opportunity to be found in searches. Writing more posts enable your content to float at the top of search results.

Be Strategic About Your Content

Content is the blood of blogs. Marketing tools like search engine optimization applications or SEO software help you find out what people are interested in reading these days. Every post counts so you have to plan out what you are going to write and what key words you are targeting with your article.

Conduct Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts

Keywords are words that allow your website to be found in search engines. Proper usage of keywords could help your website rank higher. Make the most of your writing by making sure the proper words are being used to enhance readability.

Include Links Everywhere

The more links to your blog, the more chances that it will be trusted by search engines. Always make sure your articles are linked to other relevant articles in your page.

Use SEO Keywords

In order to be found in Google and other search engines, you have to find out what words that potential visitors look for. These SEO blog themes and templates can be a great reference.

Improve Your Meta Tags And Rich Snippets

Meta tags are found in the code and are usually what people see when they look up certain keywords and phrases. Make sure these are using the right keywords and phrases.

Promote with Social Media

Social media is a digital hang out place, where like-minded people often interact and share ideas. Creating a social media version of your blog is a good way to relate and target your kind of audience since certain networking sites have access to sophisticated ad tools that make sure your promotions are seen by the people who would be interested in them.

Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results

Google Analytics, like other analyzing software, employs an algorithm that gives you a general idea of your sites traffic and what interests your readers. This tool gives you information on what is captivating to your audience. Here are some tips to increase your online sales.

Write Guest Posts

Visiting other blogs is a common way of networking, introducing yourself to relevant and similar blogs. Visitors that visit a popular site may be on the lookout for other websites that could provide them with the information they need.

Interact on Other Blogs’ Comments

Intelligent discussions with another blogger or a visitor from another blog increases the chance of making people curious about your content. Leave helpful comments and a link to your article so they can read more in case they are interested.

Connect Your Web Profiles and Content to Your Blog

Social media and other online profiles could help in promoting your weblog so make sure you link them together.

Write Clear and Compelling Titles

Instead of writing general and vague titles, give your viewers a sneak preview of what to expect from your article or post. Make headlines that would make good captions to your link, should the viewers be interested to know more

Add Social Sharing Buttons

A Social Media button is important since viewers can conveniently share your articles or stories to their own social media pages or profiles with only a few clicks. The convenience would encourage readers to continue browsing through the site in search of something to read.

Always Respond to Comments

Responding to your comment assures the viewers and readers that you are listening to what they are saying, and it will make them want to read more of your writing in return.

Include Photos

Since humans are visual creatures, more photos mean lesser text space and more chances that they will continue reading until the bottom. Add illustrations that are relevant to the topic and easy to understand at first glance.

Re-tweet Past Content

There will always be posts that maintain relevance even after a few years. Re-tweeting past content is a sure way to remind your audience about your remarkable past posts and constantly get people talking about it.

Add Video

Moving pictures, like photos, help readers get more understanding regarding your article. Add relevant videos to create variety to your post.

Make Your Blog Load Faster

If your blog loads slowly, there is a high chance that your visitors will abandon your site. Remove unwanted plugins and use a theme that doesn’t rely too much on images.

Clean Up Your Sidebar

Cleaning up your sidebar helps viewers focus on the content instead of getting distracted. Remove unnecessary words or sections so that your blog looks professional.

Maximize The Emotional Value Of Your Headlines

Since humans are emotional beings, headlines should captivate their heart and pique their interest. Make compelling headlines that would make them want to read your content.

Forum Marketing

Forums are places that users go to in order to share ideas; putting a link of your own tips and tricks will generate site visitors and hopefully patrons. Write a few words regarding their topic and insert a relevant link of an article than can be found on your site.

A successful web log is an endeavor that requires a huge amount of effort, passion, and commitment to maintain since updating posts and creating content on a daily basis is a rigorous task. Various blogs have different needs, and we at understand and cater to the growing demands of the online market. We do our best to compile the best tips, tricks and WordPress Themes for beginner and professional bloggers who want to create the perfect site with minimal effort or cost. Browse around our website for more amazing finds, download and customize a template today!

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