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Ten Web Design Mistakes You Make That Could Hurt Your Future Workflow

Any first rated designer will ultimately realize the advantage of placing emphasis on developing a consumer usable websites. Purposely, such design should, at all times be centred on enhancing consumer experience for a more satisfied customer to opt back to the same site. Here are ten usability mistakes and remedy, any online designer should implement to have an inspiring web design trend and to offset users frustration when using such site.

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Minute Clickable Areas

Designers knows that hyperlinks buttons are meant to be clicked to access some details prerequisite to the user. Therefore, it is sensible that this access buttons should be visible enough to be easily pointed and clicked by the use of mouse. Having microscopic links that are strainers to any user has a long-term implication for the site, as navigation through the pages may be daunting to web users.


Hands are not always accurate in moving about the computer mouse on the screen. Designers thus, should strive towards having a bigger clickable region to support user navigation functions. They can do this either by enlarging the padding around links through CSS or having bigger links.

Deploying Pagination to Serve the Wrong Purpose

When you look at free e-commerce website template, you will realize that they have paginations, for the right purpose. Not many developers use pagination in the right way though. This refers to the method of dividing web contents into numerous pages. This usually takes place when such content, have a long chain of thought or list of items, which need to be distinguished. Using pagination helps prevent the slow response of web pages; on the contrary, it improves on page outlook especially in commercial advertisements.


Such mistakes in use of pagination, not only seem to erect barriers for visitors, but also deprive itself the expression capacity. To avoid such dilution and indulgence in these non-cost effective measures, using pagination will effectively present the huge list of apps in palatable portions. This should be implemented in a manner to facilitate user comprehension over such sites.

Duplicating the Page Titles

Many a times, photocopying page titles in every subsequent page may work as a disservice to a website. This tendency, lessen the key benefits accorded to every subsequent page as it may sound monotonous to web users.


Relative to just duplicating the title, overhaul done on such title page should help in consumers familiarization with the web page. Supporting an array of title page for the same website, offers additional functionality for the browser window and google search engine.

Difficult to Scan Contents

The basics to design a websiterequired that we have good content on the page. For any developer, a well-designed website should support a good copy over its content, as visitors may not have the time to process all the essentials detailed on the webpage.


Single out the probable spots visitors are likely to gaze at during their stay on the page. Each focal point should have a well-articulated heading, with brief comprehensive text for the reader.

No Channels of Keeping in Touch

Communication is very vital component in any societal and communal development. For any website to be declared fit-for-use, user engagement should be paramount in winning over loyal customers. Engaging in formalities of addressing issues and answering questions, is one way of developing a caring web platform, which support varieties of users’ needs.


Enabling your site to support email services or phone numbers conveniently without insinuation of insensitivity to consumer concerns, is a guarantee for the perpetuity of a designer web page.

Non-Supportive of Search Options

Whether familiar with or unfamiliar with the site, it is obvious that any visitor will likely go for the search boxes when navigating through a site. As majority of passerby will never spend time on learning how to navigate a site, they will rush for search engines. For the sake of search-dominant users, it has to be there.


Always opt for a more probable indexed search engines like yahoo and Google. Choose between the alternative and plug in a suitable search box, ensuring to change the value of the hidden fields to curb a website overreliance over such dominant engines.

Too Many Functionalities, Whichmay Require User Registrations

It may be a good idea for designers to develop features requiring observance of registration protocols by visitors. At times, this is not necessary. This means that registration becomes unnecessary yet implemented by many websites.


Only include registration on a site if it is necessary.

Having Old Permalinks Pointing to Nowhere

You need an action plan for the site, and those links that don’t go anywhere are just a damage to your website. Problems usually exist when websites alter their domain or have their structure modernized. Having old permalinks to act in redirecting existing pages on these websites, are always rendered dead unless contrary is done.


A designer should opt for some high-end system files to restructure such unresponsive permalinks. They should easily be retrieved each time users’ accesses the website, and its redirect rules effectively implemented on the website, to add up on its functionality.

Having Long Registration Forms on the Website

Filling in on registration forms always involves dis interesting formalities of self-assessment. Burdened by having to ponder over what details to use over privacy issues, it will be even more tasking to have a long one designed. Can these formality then be kept short and simple, possibly how can this be achieved?


Designers should think of coming up with a shrink version of such sign-ups. Always keeping the form short and effective is key to having a reputable website. After all, the overall purpose for this aim is to identify with the end user over ones website.


As a designer, probably you should realize how such slight mistakes that go unnoticed might tarnish ones site. To prevent such hitches from going viral, it calls for designers to test their sites through closely engaging consumer and adjusting on recommendations. They less the visitors have to think in using ones site, the less they are offset from frustration and likely to comeback.

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