How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for a Small Business

A small business needs a simple marketing tool. One of those simple marketing tools that can be very effective is by using social media. Today, social media has increasingly become the most accessible site in the world. Target market can be built up here, and it is on your hand whether you succeed or fail at the social media. This is how a marketing plan works. You don’t set up for the failing record, right? So, you have to maximize your social media marketing by doing these steps:

Establish your Goals and Objectives that you want to Achieve

Social media is a huge marketing platform now. It’s no longer just about connecting with friends and family. Social media is the hottest marketing zone for the world’s biggest and smallest businesses. Social media marketing requires a set plan. Not all of us are equipped to do it. However if templates are made available, drafting a marketing plan gets simple. We are happy to offer the best social media marketing templates.

When you drafting marketing goals for a particular social media project or campaign, the textbook rule is that the goals must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) For instance, creating a Twitter or Facebook page for your company is doable within minutes – set targets which are feasible and achievable inside a realistic timeframe.


Accomplish an Audit for your Social Media

After creating social media marketing plan and posting some photos (on Instagram), tweets or Facebook status, you need to observe how they work for you. See people who connect to your social media and see your competitor’s social media, what do they do to serve their costumers, and so on. Once you decided to audit your social media, then you have to share the real and clear pictures about your business to your social media, point someone who controls them and themes to post periodically.

Maintaining your social media (sample social media marketing plan) will help people who look for your company profile online getting closer to you. Moreover, you have to decide the mission statements for each social media profile. These mission statements will keep you focus on what to do. For example, you choose Instagram account for sharing real pictures of your products and services; Twitter account for sharing every promo or conditional discount; and Facebook account for interacting to your customers directly by organizing family gathering for staffs and customers. You can delete one account that you think does not work well.

Improve your Social Media Accounts

Because every social media has different and specific audiences, then you have to be able to treat them special. For optimizing your account to reach your goal, use SEO for increasing web traffic to your social media accounts. Generally, to increase the popularity and quality of your accounts, you have to complete your social media profiles, including clear images and brief information.

Make Your Social Media Accounts as such Inspirational Accounts

By being inspirational, you can distinguish between the customers and competitors. Social media marketing plan in fact can be inspired by your customers’ phrases on their social media. By looking at their phrases, pictures and habits, you can learn a lot how you can inspire them. For example, your business stands for the Asian snacks and you have mostly youngsters as customers. You can start mentioning the natural ingredients of your products that will not increase their weight, so they can be snacking free without worrying their diet.


Create Your Editorial Calendar for Your Posting

This editorial calendar contains the dates, times and themes to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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