How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes – Tips & Techniques

It is really a great idea to receive gifts. We all love that especially when our esteemed guests grace the auspicious occasion with their kind presence. Grand wedding attires, all that embellishments, delicious cake, beverages, food, flocked around by near and dear ones: a wedding doesn’t end here. It is a fine courtesy to write personal thank you notes to each and every person who has taken their time to attend the most precious day in your life. What if there were over hundred or even two hundred guests for your wedding? Most people find this task a hard and challenging one. Here are some tips and techniques to write wedding thank you notes.

You should realize that the chore of writing sample wedding thank you notes begins right from the time you invite all your acquaintances and friends for your wedding. The major job is done when you save the name and addresses of your wedding guests. It is advisable to write down the name of the gift under each guest’s name.

Note down these essential guidelines before you sit down to write wedding thank you notes:

1. On the first hand, arrange proper writing vicinity at home. You should make sure that the place you have chosen is a comfortable area where you can write in a calm and relaxed manner. It is ideal if your chosen area is near washroom or kitchen; in case you need to answer the nature’s call or satisfy your hunger.

2. It is good to buy finest class writing stationery even before the wedding. It is imperative to buy standard cards to put down your note of gratitude. You can make it different by placing your new surnames monogrammed.

3. Choose excellent quality pens to write the thank you letter/note. Cheap quality pens often dribble ink while writing and this may not look proper. It is wise to make use of ball point pens. Never write using ink pen varieties since it may not leave a good impression on the receiver.

4. The task of writing thank you notes will never appear a tough task if you start the job soon after receiving the gifts.

5. It is definitely not practicable to write all thank you notes in one go. This can leave you exhausted.

6. You should never try to procrastinate writing thank you notes. It can make you feel that it is an endless task and you may leave it undone. This is certainly not part of courtesy.

7. Conventionally, wedding thank you notes are written on a white paper using a black or blue ink. Today there are no such hard fast rules.

8. While writing the thank you note it is highly recommended to use the name of the gift you received from the guest. Do not forget to put down how much you appreciate it.

9. If you have received money as wedding gift, it is common to express how you are going to make use of it.

10. Make sure that you put a tick mark on every guest’s name on your list to make sure that you have showed your courtesy to all those who have been an important part of your memorable day.

Here is a sample wedding thank you note where you have received money as your wedding gift:

Dear Aunt Iris and Uncle Peter,

Thank you so much for your kind gift. Sarah and I are planning to get a new car. Here is our sincere gratitude for you kind gesture. We will soon buy a new car. Thank you so much once again for spending your precious time with us. Warmest regards, Tim and Sarah.

Here is yet another sample thank you note where you have received a designer outfit as a wedding gift:

Dear Joan and Berthold,

Thank you so much for the designer ware that you have gifted us with. We didn’t have this branded one! It suits us so well and has already found a place among our favorite outfits. Thank you once again for this token of love and you making our day a very special one. Love, Tim and Sarah.

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