How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview

There is no disadvantage in sending a thank you note after a job interview. Not many candidates have the habit of sending a thank you note. You can definitely stand out by writing a perfect thank you note. A properly written simple thank you note can really increase your chances at being hired for the job.

No matter where the interview was conducted, whether it was a face to face interview or over the phone or a Skype interview, an appropriate thank you note template is highly recommended. If you are one of those candidates who think that a thank you note is sheer unnecessary, then it’s time to change your attitude.

There are many advantages in writing a thank you note after the interview. It can make a good impact on the minds of the employers as you are showing your courteousness. It also communicates how much significance and weight you give to the job position.

It even gives you a good chance for winning the job, if the employer has forgotten your performance in the interview. He might have interviewed many candidates for the job and to remember everyone’s performance is definitely a difficult task. If you have forgotten to talk about anything important in the interview, writing a thank you note is the time which facilitates you to list those. It also exhibits your dexterity at written communications. Thus there is absolutely nothing to lose in writing a thank you note to your phone interviewer.

If you are wondering how to write a thank you note after an interview here are some techniques. One of the methods is to write a hand written thank you note to make the interviewer feel that you are authentic and sincere. You can also make use of the already existing word templates and print them and mail to the employer.

You can even combine these methods skillfully. You can send a thank you note via email right away after the interview. Thereafter you can send a hand written or printed note.

The options you choose should be based on the job you are looking for. You should always have an idea on the mode that would be acceptable to the receiver. Suppose, you are hunting for a job which involves emailing skills, then it would be most befitting if you lay bare your email proficiency though your emailed thank you note.

If the job you have applied for needs Microsoft office suit proficiency, then it would be apt if you send an email thank you note which exhibits such faculty of yours. It is also imperative to send an email note if the interview and other communications between you and the interviewer were through email, a hand written note would be most suitable for official institutions like accounting firms and law firms.

If there were too many people in the interview panel, it is not proper to send the same mail to all the interviewers. In such cases it is imperative to write unique thank you notes for each one. If you chose to write thank you note to just one person in the interview board, it may do you more harm than good.

While writing the thank you note you can emphasize the points which have been well liked by the employer. It is a clever idea to articulate your expertise in fields that the employer had shown anxiety in the interview. It is also advisable to write a short note, preferably a page. It is also vital to read your thank you note vigilantly before sending it.

You should always take care not to send non-specific thank you notes. It is also a strict no if you intend to fax your note. You should never attempt to assert any qualification or experience that you do not possess. It is also not a wise method to hand over a thank you note to the interviewer soon after the interview.

In very few instances, you can exhibit your creativity too. If you are a web designer, you can create a thank you note in CD. If you are a videographer, you can develop a thank you note video. If you make use of your opportunity wisely and send pertinent thank you note after learning how to write a thank you note after an interview, it can be a turning point in your career.

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