How to Add Banners to Joomla 3 Sites

Publishing banners in Joomla takes no more than simple copy, paste commands, as the Joomla CMS already has complete support functionality built into it. To begin, first get to the dashboard, by accessing your admin login area. Here on the top navigation panel, open the components drop down and select the banners options from it. Click the banners link again and a new panel will open up that will enable you to create and edit banners in your page.

Joomla Control Panel

In the banner manager, click on the ‘new’ option on the top left corner to start adding banners to your site.

How To Add A New Banner Tutorial

Banner Managment

Here you will see labels that will prompt you to enter the essential details such as the name of the banner, category into which the banner has to be listed and so on. Enter the appropriate details and skip ahead to the ‘banner type’ option. Select the ‘custom’ option from the drop down in order to add banner codes from affiliate partners. Then insert the banner code in the ‘custom code’ field and save the settings.

New Banner


Now to publish the banner, get to the module manager and create a new module under the banners type. Enter details such as title, position of the banner, description and so on, and hit save. The new banner will instantly appear on your webpage.

Module Banner


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