Quick Tips to Back Up Your Joomla Website

If you’re looking to make a backup copy of your Joomla site, you have to ensure that you make copies of both parts of the software, your Joomla files, and its related database. As things might get a bit confusing, here is a step by step tutorial that provides you with instructions on how you can make the copy of all parts of your Joomla site.

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Backup All Your Files

The most obvious first step is to make Backup All Your Joomla Files in case something goes wrong in the process. It’s always recommended that you use an FTP server to transfer your files and folders onto your hard disk drive. The only issue here is that Joomla comes preloaded with over 30 billion files.

And that’s excluding things like actual content like images, videos, plugins & extensions etc. So if you’ve decided that you’re going to transfer your website’s files over FTP, be prepared to wait awhile since it will take some to transfer multiple small files as opposed to one large file. The best way to go about doing this is to first compress all your files into a .zip folder. You can do this via the “File Manager” tool located in your cPanel.

Once you’ve compressed all the files, the File Manager will automatically create a new archive of all the files that you choose to compress. Once the archive has been created, you’ll have to download it. Again, you can either do this using an FTP client or navigate to the file using any mainstream web browser and download it onto your drive.


Backup Your Database

The next thing you’ll need to do is backup your Joomla database using one of the two popular options, by using the inbuilt SSH console or by using the phpMyAdmin tool located in the cPanel. Either method requires you to input the Joomla MySQL database name, and its username and password. No need to worry if you’re not sure about this information or can’t remember it since you can easily obtain the information by checking the “configuration.php” file, located in the root directory of Joomla.


Backup Database Using SSH:

  • Access your account using your username and password. (There are SSH tutorials that can show you how to do that.)
  • Use the “MySQL dump” command to redirect to your site folder, and
  • Use the data from the “configuration.php” file to make backups of your database.

Backup Database Using phpMyAdmin:

  •  Login to your site’s cPanel to gain access to the “phpMyAdmin” that you can fine in the Databases section.
  • Select the Joomla database you want and “Export” it from the top menu.


Finally, you’ll be asked to choose the database you wish to backup. All of which will be listed in a left menu on “phpMyAdmin”. You can get details of the name of your database from the “configuration.php”. “PhpMyAdmin” will then create a backup of your entire Joomla database, which can be easily downloaded and stored on your computer.

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