How to Write A Simple Thank You Note – Tips & Techniques


Whenever you are at the receiving end: whether it is a gift or a generous gesture, you may encounter with the hard task of writing simple thank you notes. Quite a good number of people are uneasy, apprehensive and unconfident when it comes to expressing thanks for a kind activity they might have received. Consequently many a time we put this duty on hold till we become panic enough to make the situation even worse.

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Here are a few ideas on how to write a sample thank you note. How many times you might have wondered whether it is imperative to write thank you notes. Well, yes, it is! It is your kind mode of expressing your appreciation and gratefulness for a person who has showered a generous gesture on you. By being generous, they are devoting their priceless time and hard earned money for you. They could have utilized these resources for their own use. Hence it is a part of etiquette that you acknowledge and thank their favors by writing a thank you note.

A main advantage of writing thank you notes is that it opens up a space for further communication with the person. Thus it is imperative to send a thank you note soon after any interviews. This creates in them an optimistic and good impression on you enabling them to consider you when the hiring process is going on.

A warm thank you note can befit any occasion. When you receive a gift, a favor or a nice compliment, it is always better to express your gratitude from the bottom of your heart. It will be even more impressive and welcome when it is in your own handwriting.

Thank you notes are highly recommended in the following circumstances:

1.  Every Time you Receive a Gift

If somebody gives you a gift, they will usually look forward to a thank you note. This is applicable while receiving personal gifts, graduation gifts and wedding gifts.

2. After Attending a Job Interview

Even if you see that you do not stand a chance to win the job, it is sign of courtesy from your part to send a thank you note. Here you are sincerely acknowledging the valuable time of the interviewer and many people do appreciate such a kind of thank you note.

Tips for writing a simple thank you note:

  • It is always better to write thank you notes in your own handwriting. A sincere appreciation that comes from the bottom of the heart makes everyone avoid mistakes, you can write a draft first and then copy down the matter in the paper or card you wish to put down your thoughts. If you do not want to spend your time to write address in each envelope, especially after receiving wedding gifts from many, you are free to make use of printed address labels. The address can never go wrong in this manner.
  • It is always good to be cautious while addressing the person in thank you note. You may have inhibitions to make use of DEAR in cases where you might not have been much acquainted with the person. In such occasions you can use Mr. or Mrs. If it’s your friends, you can either use their first name or can use words of affection.
  • You should always begin your note with “thank you” by referring to the favor you have received from them. For example: ‘thank you for the fabulous watch that you have gifted me for my birthday’, ‘thank you for the chance for attending the interview for the post of the IT Consultant’ etc.
  • It is imperative to let them know that you liked their gift or pleased in getting the opportunity. For example: ‘I have already started using the watch and it suits me so well.’
  • Build up further communication with the person in your thank you note. For example: ‘I really enjoyed and got benefitted from our meeting and I look forward to hearing from you.’, ‘we are arranging a dinner party next week, and I would love it if you would turn up for the same.’ Etc.
  • Last but not the least thing to bear in mind is your signature with a warm end note like ‘warmly’, ’Thanks again’, ‘kind regards’ etc.

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