17+ Best Media WordPress Themes


The term media is often used to describe a variety of items. An example is the word media being used to describe the news or information being discussed. Another definition of media is used to describe audio and visual items such as music and videos. The word media is also used to describe viewable content on devices. Regardless of the definition of media, we can all agree that it allows for an easy and efficient means of sharing information.

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With this information in mind, we now know that the term media has a role in our everyday lives in one way or another. As such, there are thousands of online sites dedicated to the sharing of information that is related to the type of media we are searching for.

Media Online Store WordPress Theme

media online store wordpress theme

Video Community & Media WordPress Theme


OneVideo is a media best WordPress theme that is made by a well-known theme and plugin creator. OneVideo is a useful tool for whoever wishes to create a website that is dedicated to the sharing of different media formats, especially if the content being shared is in a video format. This is because this WordPress theme has a built-in feature called the trending monitor which is a useful tool in monitoring and rating all of your contents, which can assist you in determining which of your videos are trending and are being viewed more often compared to your other video or media files on the site.

It also consists of a feature called front-end submission which allows users to upload media files via embed URLs (meaning you can upload files from other sites to your site) or you can upload your media files directly from the desktop of your personal computer, making it easier to upload your contents and topics.

It also features a function that allows for the addition of a tool called sticky sidebars which allows you to post content or advertisements on the sidebar. Unlike a normal sidebar, it is capable of following the scroll bar, making it easier for site viewers to track the contents of your site.

Digital Agency WordPress Theme


Thanks to the constant need of improving their systems and methods, the developers of Digitalia created a tool called elementor which is considered to be the next generation drag-and-drop front-end page builder that removes the need for any form of coding experience, making it easier to create the site even for a person who has no prior experience in doing so.

This digital agency WordPress theme also comes with a variety of custom-made headers and footers that will allow you to select and use a professionally made layout without having to make the layouts yourself. The Elementor page builder also has a few plugins called JetElements that are used as a means of further customizing your web page to improve your user’s experience on the site.

Trending Media WP Template


Immunity is a multipurpose responsive WordPress theme that is based on the designs of a magazine. It can support the addition of large amounts of content as well as allow the function of streaming other media content on the site.

Immunity is made with a variety of features that almost guarantee the creation of a unique and amazing site in terms of both visual design as well as function. An example of such a feature would be the layout options and post formats that will allow you to easily select and design what could be considered as the skeleton of the site. In addition, Woocommerce integration allows for the creation of an online store or shop where you can market your product or services.

This WordPress theme is considered to be a perfect choice when it comes to the creation of any site. Be it a news site, a video blog site, or even an eCommerce site, Immunity is designed to run them all well.

Personal Blog Theme


Romango is a personal WordPress blog theme that is designed to be the perfect theme template for visual media posts, audio posts, etc. This free WordPress blog theme includes a set of four pre-made homepage layouts that you can choose from to help you create the home page of your site. This theme also contains a few single post styles as well as a few pre-designed formats for every other page you would use for your website.

Romango is made to be a perfect template for the creation of a variety of blogs such as personal blogs, travel blogs, creative blogs, food blogs, lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, tech blogs, and many others. This is achievable thanks to the advanced theme options that allow for the customizing of the website theme with a simple few clicks of a button, reducing or removing the need of having any prior coding skills whatsoever.

Nifty Fifty Photography is a minimal WordPress theme that maximizes your overall site performance thanks to its minimal design. The advantage of using the Nifty Fifty Photography WordPress theme template is that you are given the option to change every detail of the website theme to make the site feel or reflect your desire for how the site should be designed.

It has a professional WordPress plugin built into the site itself. This plugin is called Jetpack which helps you display your images and photography contents in specialized galleries that can catch the attention of your viewers.

It also has a smart image rendering feature that would help you adjust the size of your images to make the image fit onto whatever device screen it is being displayed on.

Audio Responsive WordPress Theme


Room 33 is an audio responsive WordPress theme and template that is a fully customizable theme in the sense that the creators of this vintage WordPress theme used a feature called power drag-and-drop page builder to design the site without having to add in a single bit of coding. This makes it perfect for beginners and those who do not wish to learn to code just for the creation of a site. It even implements a live customizer function that gives you even more, control over every aspect of the website.

Media Sharing WordPress Theme


SocialPlay is a media-sharing WordPress theme that is dedicated to the creation of a magnificent-looking, super-flexible, and responsive WordPress theme that is completely unique in design.

This responsive WP theme provides you with two options in uploading your audio, video, or other media files onto the site. The first method is the traditional method of uploading the media files directly onto your site. However, this method is less favored by most web designers. The other method involves linking the video URL to your site, making the management and arranging off video contents simple and easy.

News Media WordPress Theme


NewsOnline is a beautifully designed and professionally made responsive minimal WordPress theme making it perfect for the creation of an online media sharing site be it for news or magazine reviews. This WordPress theme is perfect for the creation of a website that would require the displaying of a large amount of information, making this WordPress theme a high quality and perfect template for webmasters and web designers alike.

Creative Blog WordPress Template


Creative Blog is a responsive WordPress theme that is made to be a great theme for a creative blogger because of its clean and simple design. It is also a clean and simple WordPress theme as well as cross-device friendly, making it possible for anyone and everyone online to access the site at any given time.

It can support the addition of audio and video files as well as create a video slider which behaves like a video gallery that you can use to display your different media content for your viewers to read or view. It also consists of several other features that make this WordPress theme effective and easy to use for everyone and anyone.

Motiovix is a completely editable video WordPress theme for the creation of video streaming websites. This WordPress theme is made to be completely compatible with whatever browser it is being viewed on as well as whatever device is being used to access the site, making it not only responsive but also cross browser compatible.

This simple WordPress theme also features a video gallery that is clean in design as well as powerful in terms of function. With the newsletter subscription function, you can allow your site viewers to stay up-to-date on site news and let them review each one of your latest or featured videos.

It can also allow your site users to create their own playlists and favorites so they can easily rewatch videos anytime they wish to do so. This WordPress theme also features a codeless website creation thanks to the power page builder and live customizer features included in it.

Marketing Agency WordPress Theme


SEO Crawler is named as such because this digital agency WordPress theme is dedicated to creating an SEO or search engine optimized website to ensure that whatever digital marketing site being created is functional and capable of being in the top rankings of any search engine.

This WordPress theme is completely customizable and is done so on purpose so as to be able to create customer trust and loyalty by means of displaying the functions and potentials of using an SEO Crawler for the development of their sites.

It features one of the most powerful page-building applications known as Goodlayer. This page builder application allows for the implementation of a drag-and-drop action on the site so as to reduce the needed work to be done to upload and display a variety of content. It also features a powerful admin panel that allows for the customization of any element within the site with a few simple clicks.

Multipurpose WP Theme


WireFrame is a multipurpose creative WordPress theme that features a variety of features such as a unique page loader feature called Ajax page loader that helps you manage how the page will respond and display content.

It also features a fully customizable color scheme tool that will allow you to change the colors of your site to make it more attractive in terms of appearance. It also features several post formats that can support the uploading of self-hosted video and audio content into specified galleries.

Responsive Media WP Theme


Video is a multimedia WordPress theme that is dedicated to the creation of an online video streaming website. It consists of a few functions and features that can help a site manager create a fully functioning website. Examples of these features would be like or dislike feature which allows you to identify what type of videos on your site are trending and or popular compared to your other videos.

It also features a watch later function that will allow your site visitors to queue up a number of videos that they can watch at a later date. This type of function allows for an improvement in both user experience and user satisfaction.

This free WordPress theme is also integrated or linked to YouTube view counts, allowing you to determine the popularity of a certain video. It is also made to be SEO-friendly.

Max Blog is a personal WordPress blog and magazine theme that is capable of supporting the uploading and streaming of media files. This WordPress theme is the perfect solution for the creation of an amazing website whether it is a travel blog, video blog, or any other sort of blog.

This WordPress theme gives you numerous options when it comes to the creation of a unique-looking web page thanks to a feature built into the theme template called the Visual Composer, which is considered to be one of the most powerful page building applications available.

This WordPress theme implements clean coding for the easier management of changes to the code being implemented on the site as well as better and faster loading of its pages.

Pro Clean Photoblog Theme


Fotografie Pro is a modern photography WordPress theme that is made with high-quality features as well as a minimal design to improve performance and reduce network usage. This simple and elegant WordPress theme is an ideal theme template for the creation of a photography-focused website.

It comes with a variety of standard features such as the header media options which allow you to add or remove media-based content on the header of your site, making it easier for your site viewers to view your contents. This WordPress theme also features a variety of color options and menu options that will allow you to customize some of the basic functions and appearance of the site.

Media & Celebrity Responsive WordPress Theme


Stargaze is a fully responsive web design WordPress theme that is made to support the creation of a media-based website. Stargaze is both fashionable and functional and allows you to easily customize and edit the theme. You would not have to restart from scratch thanks to its live customizer features, making it a favorite among webmasters and web designers. Aside from its live customizer, it also features a powerful page builder that allows you to manipulate and alter any part of your site easily as well as upload content.

Social Media WordPress Theme


Marketer is a flat and minimal WordPress theme that is made to be easily customizable to suit the required visual and function configurations you want for your website. This WordPress theme is ideal for different types of sites such as corporate websites, business websites, etc.

This WordPress theme is built to support the uploading of media files and documents onto the site for easier content viewing. It is also widget-ready, making it capable of supporting widgets and several add-ons to further improve the quality of the site.

Multipurpose Media WordPress Template


ROEN is a retina-ready multipurpose WordPress theme that is used for whatever type of website you wish to create, whether it is a news site, a magazine blog, a personal blog, a video streaming website, or any other website.

This WordPress theme is clean in design as well as fully responsive to whatever form of device it is going to be viewed on. Note that the clean design of this WordPress theme is thanks to Bootstrap 3.3.7, which is a type of coding done through the use of responsive HTML5 and CSS3.

Beautiful Personal Media WordPress Theme


Yosemite is a clean WordPress theme is an elegantly designed theme that encourages visitor interaction with its many features. In fact, there was a study conducted that suggested users were more inclined to interact with the Yosemite theme compared to other similar themes. This is because of its clean and simple design that makes it easier for site visitors to navigate content within the site. It is also made to be compatible with the WordPress MegaMenu which allows for the creation of simple-looking yet functional menus and options.

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