How to Put a Stop to WordPress Trackback Spam

WordPress Trackback Spam is a serious nuisance for many WordPress website users and owners. Sometimes the default settings are not enough to prevent Trackback Spam, but instead of burdening your website with unnecessary plugins you can apply any of the steps mentioned below to prevent Trackback spam.

What is the origin of Trackback Spam?

Spam Trackback WordPress

Spammers who make use of automated scripts for sending hundreds of thousands of trackbacks to websites irrespective of geographical location are the ground zero of Trackbacks and Pingbacks. So if unchecked, they prove to be quite the menace for all website owners, since most of these spammers hope to leave behind untraceable links in your webpage. These links lead the visitors to unscrupulous websites dealing with drugs, financial scams, malware distribution etc. which makes it extremely necessary to block these spams completely.

Getting Rid of Trackback for Good


Go to your WordPress settings today and click on Discussion Page, under this particular option you will find the Default article setting where you must uncheck the Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks). This is generally enough to disable pingbacks on the new posts.

Disable Trackback

There are different ways which allow you to stop Trackback spams without turning off pingbacks and trackbacks.

1. Akismet

Akismet BannerOne of those plugins which come with WordPress templates and are potent enough to connect your website to their anti-spam service. This powerful spam monitor cum filter monitors millions of sites everyday for spam trackbacks as well as comments. If your Akismet plug-in has been disabled, that can be one prominent reason why you are suffering from a trackback spam attack.

2. Hide all Trackbacks


Not to be confused with a trackback prevention or spam protection plug-in, this plug-in successfully hides all the WordPress trackbacks from showing up in the comments sections or the most visited portions of your website. By using this plug-in you can first hide all the trackbacks from the comments section and then go to the comments sections to delete all the trackbacks and pingbacks.

3. Topsy Blocker

Another very effective way to block trackback spam is to imply simple tests on the incoming trackback. Firstly, it attempts to block all the trackbacks that are coming from Topsy, which is a social search tool used for monitoring trackback spam. Then this plug-in goes onto check if the plugins have a verified source of origin as they claim. Then it also checks if the source site has a link of your website as well.

As you can now understand that all though WordPress Trackback Spam is like an epidemic, the control measures need not be too cumbersome. In fact, a few in-built settings along with default plugins are enough to combat day to day trackback and pingback spam attacks for any WordPress website owners.

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