Thank You Letter After an Interview – How to Write

There is absolutely no drawback in writing and sending a thank you letter subsequent to a job interview. Many job seekers fail to send a thank you letter to the employer. If you succeed in drafting and sending a letter, you would appear as a different and appealing candidate to the interviewer. An appropriately written thank you letter shows your genuine interest in the job position and in the company you seek to join. Writing a thank you letter is crucial as it can double your likelihood to get into your desired job.

thank you letter after an interview how to write

Importance of Sending a Thank You Letter

Regardless of how your interview went on, many experts stress on the importance of sending a thank you letter after interview. It forms part of social and business etiquette. If you attended a one to one interview in person or your had a phone in interview or even a video evaluation over Skype, it is imperative to write and send a thank you letter.

Umpteen numbers of business surveys assure that the thank you letter by the candidates can really influence the employers in their selection of the right candidate for the job. It is perfectly good to change your perspective if you feel really lazy to put down your gratitude for your interviewer.

The Right Kind of Attitude and Thank You Letter

Even if you feel that you did not do well in the interview, it is highly recommended that you write a sample thank you letter. Many employers prefer to select job candidates who have the right kind of attitude. Sometimes they reject a person who has performed really well at the interview and select you just because you have the right kind of perspective in life.

A right thank you letter can restate that you are the perfect person for the job position. It is better to send the thank you letter within one day of the interview so that your performance at the interview stays fresh in the employer’s mind. One important advantage of writing a thank you letter is that it helps to bring out your courteous nature. It also converse how much importance and value you give to the job position.

If you wish to add anything further to the discussion in the interview, you can write it down in your thank you letter. It also demonstrates your adroitness at written communications which is an essential quality that big corporate look for. Consequently there a whole lot of benefits in writing a thank you letter to your employer.

Tips on Writing a Thank you Letter After an Intervie

You can read on a few tips and techniques on how to write a thank you letter after an interview. It is advisable to send a letter written in your own hand writing to provide an authentic feel to your endeavors in pursuing the job. You can even mail the letter if you are applying for a job position in big corporate companies.

In teaching institutions and the like a simple hand written thank you letter is much appreciated. Word provides many pre written thank you letter templates. You can avail them if you like. Thus selecting the mode accepted by the employer is the key here. If your job requires computer proficiency, then your thank you letter via email will speak loud of your talents and capabilities.

One of the factors that the candidates have to keep in mind is not to use a casual tone or language while writing the thank you letter after an phone interview. For example it is not professional to use emoticons, voice clips or friendly text symbols like cu (see you), lol, l8tr (later) and so on in the letter.

It is highly recommended by the job experts that you should proof read the letter before sending it. It may contain spelling mistakes, typo errors or even errors in sentence formation. So re checking and reassuring ensures that your letter is devoid of mistake and that it looks professional in the eye of the employer.

Sample Thank You Letter

A sample thank you letter after an interview would be as follows:

Good morning Leanne,

Thank you for spending your time to interview me for the position of editor with Entertainment News Daily. It was indeed a pleasure to meet up with you and to acquire more information on the job position and the business concern.

After our discussion, I am positive that my dexterity and expertise fits precisely for this job position. As you pointed out, I suppose my experience in interviewing and writing paper editorials will help me well in depicting grand stories for the daily.

I am very excited about the likelihood of joining with your team and would really welcome a follow-up as you proceed with the hiring procedure. Thank you once again, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,