Video Templates

Everyone loves to watch videos! That’s the reason why websites like YouTube are so popular. Now you can download free or premium web template that you can use to start your own website for related online video streaming websites including youtube, vimeo, and so on Read More

Templates for any device

Most of the top best video templates employ the use of responsive sliders and light box plugins for both web and mobile platforms. This ensures that the templates are supported by all browsers and mobile devices.

These intuitive templates will aide you in creating video centric websites for iPhones or android based phones, entertainment videos for web designers, and of course desktop based video sites. So, download these paid templates and start your online videos streaming site today!

Great Themes

These video templates come with feature-rich themes that you can use for your video site, news & magazine site or any type of video centric site that you might plan on starting. The most commonly used and widely popular templates are those that feature video slider that allow users to play any video they want. Some templates also allow you to upload and play your self-made or self-hosted videos as well. Templates also give you the ability to embed external videos very easily. By doing this, any embedded video from streaming video sites like YouTube or Vimeo a thumbnail will automatically be generated for current post. These templates come with easy drag and drop features that allows you to create and modify your sites menus, change colors and fonts, and much more without having to deal with the complex coding!