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10+ Websites For Creative Common Videos

The virtual world is bustling with umpteen videos ranging from funny to educational to horror to sports to music and so on. Are you fond of these video background templates and often download them to enjoy quality time when you are free? But in most cases video download is illegal and hence you should only stick to the Creative Commons videos.

Youtube Creative Common Videos For You

youtube creative common vedios for you
If you love watching videos in your free time and also like to share your personal collections with friends, then YouTube is the ideal platform for this purpose. Also a website where you connect with other video creators, you can now even download videos from the site and view them in your free time.

Vimeo Creative Common Video Website

vimeo creative common video website
Whether you are looking for your favorite movies or much loved music videos or for that matter interesting and funny video clips, you can find all this and more on Vimeo. Boasting of high definition videos, enjoy watching these and even sharing them with your friends and loved ones.

Archive Creative Common Videos Website For You

archive website for creative common vedios for you
This being a nonprofit venture and a readily available one at that, you can find some of the most popular videos on this website. Being a licensed entity, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your device. From movies to video clips, look forward to finding everything here.

Creative Commons Website For Videos

creative commons website for vedios
This is a multilingual website where you can find videos from all around the world. With a provision to translate the videos, enjoying the popular videos in other languages is possible. The best thing about this website is that you can upload videos created by you and that too free of cost.

Commoncraft Website For Creative Videos

ccommoncraft website for creative vedios
If you are a teacher and are looking for videos that can be used to impart education, get some help from Common Craft. With a large range of educator videos, you can easily find the one that is relevant to your needs. The website also proves to be a worthy assistant in creating presentations with its impressive library of cut outs.

Dailymotion Creative Common Videos Website

dailymotion creative common vedios website
Look for it and you are sure to find it on Daily Motion. From movies to music videos, sports to competitions, festivals to debates, there is hardly anything that you can’t find on this website. Offering a platform to share your creative videos with other video lovers, connecting with people who share common interests is made easy.

Dexter Britain Creative Common Videos For You

dexter britain creative common vedios for you
Looking for some really innovative videos for your project? Well, look no more! Dexter Britain is the perfect website that offers you a wide range of creatively designed videos. Licensed by Common Creative, these videos are completely legal and do not pose any threat to your computer or other devices.

Space Telescope Website For Creative Common Videos

space telescope website for creative common vedios
The images and videos on this website are licensed and thus completely legal. What’s more these can be downloaded and used for different projects. The website also offers you an option to upload the videos that have been created by you. The best part is that all these services are free of cost.

The Creative Commons rules ensure legal download of reserved online videos and we have offered a good list of 10 websites for creative common videos for your help. The websites listed here are carrying every range of video to cater to versatile audience.

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