Web Development

Your website should be appealing to the users. It is wise to make your web design 2016 user-centered as opposed to personal tastes and preferences. The function, as well as form of the website, has to enhance easier usability. In case you will ignore to adhere to the simple requirements, be assured of low Google Analytics metrics and pathetic web performance. Avoid low conversations, less time on your website, minimal page visits, and increased bounce rates, and look at the following when designing your site: Read More

Site Purposes

An incredible site always looks at the needs of its potential users. Find out what your visitors are looking for. Is it entertainment, socializing, information or are they in need of your products and services? It is advisable that each page should have a well-defined purpose. Its content should make sure that the users get most if not all of what they need.

Appropriate Typefaces

Typefaces are a central issue when planning your web design 2016. Fonts that are easier to peruse through online should be used. It is recommended that you use Sans Serif fonts like Verdana and Arial. These fonts have an excellent contemporary look without decorative finishes. Furthermore, 16px font size is what you should make use of to increase content readability. The three point sizes at the maximum with three typefaces and below are all you need to have a streamlined design.

Effective Communication

No one will spend hours on your website searching for information. Web users require content as quickly as possible, and this demands that your website presents easy to read and digest content, something achieved if you stick to effective communication principles. For instance, you can organize the information in subheadings and catchy headings. Bullet points, as well as short sentences, should also be encouraged.

Appealing Colors

You should make sure that your color palette is the best choice available. That is responsible for quality user experience. For easy creation of harmony and balance on your website, use complementary colors. Web users will read your content if you use different colors for the background and text. It is advisable that you maintain a low usage of vibrant colors as possible because they create emotions. They are best suited for a call to action and buttons. Additionally, an uncluttered and modern look can be arrived at using white space on your website.

Navigation and images

How easy can the user move around and execute actions on your site? That is what is referred to as navigation, and it can be improved using breadcrumbs, logical page hierarchy, and clickable buttons. The three-click rule is also an appropriate tool. Also, your images should speak volumes as you market a brand and communicate with users. High-quality graphics, infographics, and videos should be used for top-notch communication.

Load time

If your website is going to take an eternity to load, you are deemed to fail. Avoid avoidable inconveniences by having professional web design 2016. Increase the speed by optimizing the images and code combination into a JavaScript file or a central SSS.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness is the last factor to consider, but it is not the least. You should know that many of the online community access information using mobile devices. A website that is not mobile-friendly will reduce potential traffic. Many people prefer browsing using their phones as opposed to the traditional PCs.

In conclusion, a good website is a super tool for your business growth in 2016. It should be mobile friendly, navigated with ease, load faster and pay attention to user requirements among others. You can also make use of grid-based layouts and “F” pattern design to enhance appearance.