10 Ways to Use Web Analytics for Optimized User Experience

Analytics is a quite under-utilized feature. Of course there are exceptions but majority of people either ignore it or do not know how to translate data from Analytics into information and specific plan. If used correctly, it can do wonders in driving your business towards the right direction. (Top Web Analytics Tools)

Analytics is not for the marketing and sales team only. Designers can take a lot of clue from it and come up with a better layout for their websites. It’s all about users, right? Therefore, it is recommended to track user behavior on your website. If you know the way they interact and what their preferences are, you can offer them better experience and set up a profitable conversion funnel.

Let’s explore the factors that one must look for and available tools that can help get the data.

Which Part of the Web Page is Getting Maximum Attention?

Think how you scan a web page. Do you read every word right from the top left? Maybe not. Visitors try to understand the topic of the page by simply scanning some parts of the page. And if visitors will stay on the website, navigate to other pages or take an action depends on the information they receive while browsing. Of course different people have their personal style of scanning, but analytics show you a pattern.

Clicktale is a tool that allows you to track the mouse movement on a heat map chart against the existing design of your web page. You can easily understand how visitors move the mouse cursor; based on that you can make desirable changes to the design and put the important stuff at a place that receives maximum amount of attention.

No. of Clicks on Menu Items and other Links

No of Clicks on Menu Items and other Links
It is a common practice to put the links to most helpful and relevant resources that ‘we think’ readers would like. The question is: are you sure your readers would like them too? In page analytics, you can track the number of clicks on each links. This stat provides you some idea on the preferences of your readership. With this insight, you can change the design, provide what your readers want to know and enjoy higher conversion rate.

Conversion Funnel Tracking

Conversion Funnel Tracking
Do you track conversion funnel of your portal? Google Analytics allows you to do this. If you observe this funnel closely you can identify the pages from where prospective buyers are dropping out and the reasons why. Look at the pages with maximum exit rate, compare them with those that perform well and then figure out what’s missing.

Right Color Psychology for your Audience

Right Color Psychology for your Audience
Colors have big role to play in web design! Apart from making the website appealing, proper usage of colors can help you increase conversion rates, grab readers’ attention, influence them and build trust. While selecting color schemes always keep your target audience in mind. Factors such as gender, age and country of residence play a major role too. Know about your visitors from analytics. Consult research materials related to color psychology – there are plenty of them available online and then come up with the right color scheme for your website.

Put Most Viewed Resources on Top

Put Most Viewed Resources on Top
Monitor content performance carefully. Which white paper got maximum number of downloads? Which blog article got most Like and Share on social media? Which video on Youtube has highest Views? Collect inputs from all your marketing activities – Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Media, Youtube channel, make a list and then put most liked and talked digital assets at a visible spot on your website.

How do you Translate Bounce Rate

How do you Translate Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate is a combination of many factors the major one being content and user experience. When a visitor lands on your website and leaves it without taking any action such as scrolling down, filling the given form or clicking on a link, Analytics marks this session as ‘bounce’. Why would visitors not spend time on a website?
What is it that they did not find there? By putting most viewed and shared digital resources at a visible place you might reduce Bounce Rate. You should also check the loading time of the website because people do not wait for long – if the website does not load properly, they just exit.

Device and Browser Compatibility

Device & Browser Compatibility
Visitors should be able to access the website properly from any device and browser. Check for the top 3 to 5 most used devices and browsers from analytics. Make sure the pages load properly for them. Technical issues at this end might result in increased bounce rate and reduced conversion.

Keep a Tab on New vs. Returning Visitors

Keep a Tab on New vs Returning Visitors
Does your website receive a high amount of repeat visitors? What are your ideas for them? Remember, a visitor comes back when they like your website. So come up with an exclusive strategy for them. Consult with the developers, make proper use of cookies or any other technique and show a different message to the returning visitors. Show a discount offer, give them some freebies and experiment whether this helps you to convert them.

Importance of Site Search

Importance of Site Search
You cannot put every major content on the home page. Irrespective to how much optimization you practice, there will always be something that gets left out. This is common with ecommerce websites or portals with lots of services and products to offer. Solve this issue by putting a Site Search option on top and adjust the website design to accommodate this feature. Allow people to search what they are looking for. (Eye Catching Ecommerce Website Templates)

Discover Visitors’ Intention From Search Terms

Discover Visitors’ Intention From Search Terms
There is no one-word answer or step-by-step guide on how you can do this. By looking at the keywords or the search terms that visitors typed, to land on your website, you can find out their intention. If they want to purchase or just researching before buying a product. Depending on your findings, modify the major landing pages of your website – put something for all types of searchers maintaining a good balance. (PSD Landing Page Templates)
To conclude, do everything you can to improve the interface. Pull data from analytics, conduct survey campaigns, ask your users directly, run A/B testing and multivariate testing and keep improving all the time. Providing top grade user experience is the key to online success.

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