26 Best Backend Admin Panel and Dashboard Themes


Backend admin panels in recent years have taken a positive twist as developers began to create interesting layouts and gorgeous designs that are equally stunning as their counterpart, the frontend user interface. As the admin section of any web application or website derives itself from being built solely on functionality, it has been a great advantage for website owners working on a visually pleasing platform.

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Creating a beautiful and, at the same time, functional admin panel and the dashboard has never been easier. Whether you’re building your own website or creating one for a client, using a website theme or template for any of the web pages you wish to include can save a lot of time, money, and energy. With a huge library of features and options that comprise each template, you will be able to have the perfect and complete solution that will help you build the backend of different types of web applications like custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, and CRM among others.

Check out these dashboard themes and cool admin templates and make sure to grab one of them.

Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Theme

admin11 788x394

First of all, here is a fully responsive Bootstrap 4 admin and dashboard template called Bonito. Built with the most recent Bootstrap 4 version and the latest HTML5 and CSS3 website technologies, this theme comes with a modern design and tons of features as well as widgets and plugins which make it easy to use and customize.

Among its features are two dashboard options, weather widgets, UI elements such as user cards tab and sweet alert notifications, Google and vector maps, filter and popup options for the gallery page, and other sample pages. Bonito can also be used to develop other web applications such as a project management system, application backend, CMS, or CRM.

Flat Admin Template

admin24 788x394

A beautiful and flat admin template, SprFlat is a very suitable tool for any custom web interface, app, CMS, and more as it is powered by the awesome Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1 framework. It has a fully responsive layout that makes sure it still looks good and functions well no matter which device it is viewed on. You will surely love to work on this gorgeous theme.

User-friendly and easily customizable, this theme comes packed with more than 40 plugins and several pages that you can use, SprFlat also features a three-column layout, a fixed header, either a fixed or hidden sidebar, integrated Flot charts, jQuery sparklines, form elements, form validation, form wizard, WYSIWYG editor, a gallery with filter and lightbox, and much more.

Ultimate Multipurpose Admin Template

admin1 788x394

Here is an ultimate multipurpose admin template called Flintstone. This Bootstrap php dashboard template and powerful UI kit comes with tons of awesome features and plenty of UI components that will enable you to build admin panels for multiple types of websites. It has a super-charged pack of fully customizable and easy-to-use demos that you can choose.

Based on Bootstrap CSS framework and powered by Grunt, Bower, and SCSS, Flintstone is a developer-friendly web design tool as it includes a large collection of components and elements such as widgets, forms, tables, charts, pages, applications, and more. Using this template is a simple and fast way to build your dashboard’s user interface.

Responsive Admin Bootstrap Theme

admin6 788x419

The responsive Bootstrap admin theme you see above is Perfect Admin. Just like its given moniker, it is a perfect choice for any modern website of various business niches. Built with the latest Bootstrap framework and recent HTML5 and CSS3 standards, this template does not fall short in functionality thanks to the vast number of features and options it includes.

These features include a clean, flat UI design and a fully responsive layout with seven different theme colors to choose from. With an easy-to-use and well-documented HTML5 and CSS3 code, Perfect Admin also boasts of high customizability, so you can arrange its layout and elements in the way you want that suits your taste as well as your business needs.

Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

admin12 788x394

Next is Maximum, another responsive Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template made from Bootstrap’s 3.3.7 and Beta 4.0 versions with HTML5 and CSS3 valid code. This state-of-the-art template is packed with a bunch of features and a wide array of customization options which makes it easy to modify according to your preference and business needs.

Maximum is considered a complete admin theme as it includes 5 dashboard options, over 20 pages available to use, together with over a thousand icons, hundreds of UI elements, 18+ plugins, six color skins to choose from, and so much more. It also includes a Mega Menu, various chart and graphs, form elements and editors, data tables, widgets, and more.

Responsive Bootstrap Admin Theme

admin23 788x394

Then, we have another responsive Bootstrap admin theme in the name of Clean Zone. This web design tool has a clean design and powerful features to boot, as it is based on Bootstrap 3. It is one of the first templates with a speech recognition API where you can create your own voice commands readily and easily.

Other features include eight new content pages and integrated plugins with fixes, and a scrollable and collapsible feature which allows sub-menus to appear beside the sidebar when it collapses. Clean Zone also has retina-ready UI elements for a great visual experience, Growl notifications powered by the jQuery glitter plugin, four-direction tabs and four styles of accordion, etc.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Theme

admin2 788x394

On the other hand, we also have Mash Able, a Bootstrap admin theme that is built using the latest Bootstrap 4 Beta framework which is also supported with the latest  Angular 2 and Angular 4 versions, making  this template rich in features and high in functionality. It’s perfect for any kind of backend projects such as CMS, CRM, project management, and others.

Mash Able’s main features include ready-to-use dashboards variants, widgets, complete form versions, auth pages, simple and dynamic tables for better data organization, numerous charts for your data visualization, and lots of ready-to-use apps as well as extensions. The theme boasts of high performance, easy development and flexibility as well as versatility.

.NET, Angular, and HTML Theme

admin20 788x394

Complete and versatile, Complete Admin is a premium admin user interface with a design that will surely give your admin panel and dashboard a cool yet elegant look. Based on Bootstrap, it is packed with lots of features and has a huge set of plugins integrated into over 430 HTML pages that comes with it, so it can be used for various website niches and any web project.

As it is an extensive template, Complete Admin comes in different versions such as .NET MVC CORE (MVC 6) version, Angular version, and the classic HTML/CSS3/jQuery version. It also features two menu styles—a full-page menu and a fixed menu with inner scroll, different apps and components, and more. The theme is fully responsive, so it is also great on mobile devices.

Premium Admin Bootstrap Theme

admin8 788x394

Another premium template for backend admin panels and dashboards is Universal Admin. With various uses in mind, such as web applications, custom CMS backend, or even accounting-related dashboards, it is created with a flat design with awesome features and great functionality. Simple and intuitive, this theme is a great choice for lots of websites.

Universal Admin comes with a login and registration screen, basic forms and forms with Validation and Wizards, two types of gallery, CSS3 animated buttons, post timeline, user profile page, interactive Invoice page, modern inbox and chatter, Google fonts and Vector maps, and so much more, along with a huge set of charts, tables, and other interface elements.

Bootstrap CRM Admin Template

admin13 788x394

Then, we have this Bootstrap CRM admin template designed especially for Customer Relationship Management and that is why it is called CRM Admin. A fully responsive theme based of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, this template adapts well and displays nicely on any device of all screen sizes, from the bigger desktops to the smaller mobile ones.

CRM Admin’s modern and mobile-friendly design is also highly customizable thanks to its fresh and clean code that is easy to understand and modify. Aside from its responsiveness, the theme is also compatible with all major browsers, so you do not have a hard time working with your website’s admin panel, whether you are using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.

AngularJS and Bootstrap Admin Theme

admin18 788x394

An AngularJS and Bootstrap admin template, DBoot is  a flat and responsive template built on Twitter Bootstrap which also includes Material Effect elements and a bunch of other features. It allows you to create backend admin panels from login to finished user pages with ease, thanks to its efficient usability and high customizability. You can never go wrong with this theme.

Its key features include a responsive and lightweight design with unlimited colorful themes for you to choose from, admin-targeted widgets, info boxes with neat and clean styles, a huge set of jQuery plugins, data tables, hierarchical menu, masonry and rotated galleries, and so much more. DBoot is also built on Less for faster and more adept coding, which makes it great for developers.

Premium Admin UI Template

admin7 788x394

This premium admin UI theme is based on jQuery, CSS3, and Bootstrap. Crest Admin is fully responsive and adapts perfectly well to any type of device. It comes with a huge library of reusable UI components and latest trending plugins to help you build your admin pages and backend dashboards easily, as well as customize them to cater to all your business needs.

Crest Admin can also be used for other types of web projects and applications as it comes with a clean and elegant design with a clean user interface and some cool features such as a functional chat API, expanding, collapsing and fixed menus with scrollbar, chart and data visualization API, data tables, fully loaded Mailbox, form elements, and so much more.

Dashboard Angular JS Theme

admin14 788x394

Electric is a complete and advanced dashboard and admin template with a clean and modern design that is really eye-catching and engaging. This HTML5 and AngularJS website template provides a great solution to a more comprehensive and easier backend and frontend management for any web project as it comes packed with dynamic and stunning features.

Included in this theme’s features are four dashboard styles to choose from, over 60 fully-developed pages, 20+ functional widgets, and a number of customizable systems for the management of author profiles and emails. Electric also allows you to choose between a light or dark header skin, dozens of button styles, and hundreds of button hovers. It is also highly responsive.

Material Admin Dashboard Template

admin31 788x394

The next template featured on this list is Kite Admin, a business admin dashboard theme with a fully responsive Material Design style that is designed to serve multiple purposes. It is an ideal answer to many kinds of admin applications such as custom admin panels and dashboards as well as eCommerce and CMS backends, and you cannot go wrong with this template.

Built with Bootstrap 3 framework, Kite Admin has a clean and intuitive design that is easy to work with and modify according to your preferences. Its key features include 20 pre-defined color schemes, a landing page template, a number of HTML email templates, form validation, date and time pickers, slider inputs, data tables, charts, maps, calendars, and so much more.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Theme

admin9 788x394

Next is Quantum Able, a Bootstrap 4 admin theme that offers a flexible solution to your web projects which require administrative functionalities. It is clean and professional-looking with a bright color scheme that enhances the data on your admin panel or dashboard, so it is easier to read and analyze. It can also be used for web applications, CRM and CMS systems, and more.

Based on Bootstrap, the theme is also fully responsive, so it displays well and looks great on whatever device you view your admin page on. Quantum Able provides easy access to its many components, UI design elements, and modules to let you customize or modify your page, so it suits your taste, fit your preference, and cater to all your business website’s needs.

Bootstrap 4 Backend and Frontend Template

admin19 788x394

This Bootstrap website theme is comprised of templates for both backend and frontend web pages that is built with the most recent Bootstrap version Beta 4, along with the latest HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery technologies. Minton is a fully featured and custom admin theme with over 1,500 pages; 2,500 plus icon fonts; five plus color schemes, and three menu styles included in the package.

It definitely offers lots of customization possibilities as well as functionalities. Minton also comes in both dark and light layouts, so you can have a choice. It also has a Material Design version and includes email templates, a landing page, functional calendar, gallery page, timeline and invoice, maintenance and Coming Soon landing pages, and many others.

Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

admin15 788x394

A bold and colorful admin and dashboard template, Webarch is a responsive website theme and template that enables you to paint your dashboard with either calming hues or bright colors, depending on your preference. Built with Bootstrap 3 and valid HTML code, the template has a responsive and retina-ready layout with a condensed navigation menu for more space to work on.

Other features include four highly customizable layout options, with unlimited possibilities thanks to the hundreds of UI widgets, over 65 jQuery plugins, and more. Moreover, Webarch also includes Less and layered PSD files for further customization, as well as a frontend design created especially for this template where you can showcase your app or any product.

Light and Dark Admin Template

admin5 788x394

The light and dark admin template you see above is a beautiful and compelling responsive website theme powered by the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Pink-Desh comes with a basic yet powerful set of UI elements and plugins that allow you to build your website’s admin and control panel easily and quickly, thanks to its easy-to-use and highly customizable design.

Pink-Desh has a clean and modern aesthetic with light and dark layouts to choose from, along with a horizontal header, three Chart graphs, Mailbox pages, tables, Google fonts, awesome icons, and so much more. It has a fully responsive layout which adapts well to any device of different screen sizes and makes sure that your admin page displays well on these devices.

Responsive Admin Template

admin10 788x394

Then, we have Nifty, a responsive admin panel template built on the latest Bootstrap 3.3 framework and comes with lots of useful components and features. It is also developed with Less CSS with files included in the package, as well as the newly available SASS/SCSS, so you can easily maintain CSS  functionalities with variables, mix-ins, and more.

Its features include a clean and valid code that is easy to understand and follow as it allows you to customize and modify the theme the way you want it. Nifty also includes an ample collection of useful widgets and plugins such as Flot charts, CSS transitions, Font awesome icons, Google Fonts, premium background images, data tables, and so much more.

Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 Theme

admin4 788x394

A simple Angular 4 and Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template, Orion is a wonderful and responsive website theme based on Bootstrap 4, Material Design, Firebase, and Google Maps, and is built with Angular 4.0.0 and Angular CLI that includes a compilation of features and modules to build and customize your admin panel and dashboard pages.

Other features that Orion has includes Angular Material and ng-bootstrap components, lazy-loading effects, Angular Google maps and directions, Leafly maps, Chart.js, NG2-Charts, NGX-Charts, Firebase Auth, Firebase CRUD, Angular calendar, and many others. You can utilize all these components to create a functional user interface for backend applications.

Responsive Dashboard and Admin Theme

admin21 788x394

Another responsive dashboard and admin panel template included in this list is Dynamic. This simple but highly functional template is powered by the awesome Twitter Bootstrap framework with its latest 3.3.1 version. It comes with a three-column layout with a left sidebar, content, and right sidebar that can either be fixed, hidden, or toggled, along with a fixed header.

Dynamic also features integrated Flot charts, Charts, Morris chart, jQuery sparkline, Glow and normal gauges, and more. It has various form elements with text fields, pre-defined width, masked inputs, checkboxes, radios, switches, etc. as well as form validation and forms wizard. It also includes editors, tables, panels, sliders, an email app, invoice page, profile page, and more.

Backend Admin and Frontend Template

admin22 788x394

Next is a backend admin and frontend template, Proctor, which has a simple and clean layout that is perfect for any business and corporate website. This multi-page website theme exudes a minimal design aesthetic which allows the user to focus on the data presented by the page and offers effortless navigation to its users, along with its mobile-first, responsive layout.

Among the theme’s features are strong charting support with four charting libraries, over 25 jQuery plugins, three font icon libraries with over 960 unique icons, and boxed and full-width layout support among others. Proctor is also lightweight in design and compatible with all major browsers, so it loads fast and works well on either Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others.

Material Design Dashboard Theme

admin16 788x394

Here is a Material Design dashboard template that is considered one of the best and top admin dashboard templates as it comes in a fully responsive layout and an easy-to-use graphic user interface design. Best Admin also offers multiple layouts and color options to give your web applications and management systems the most appropriate look for your business.

Inspired by Google’s Material Design, this theme’s goal is to give your admin pages a fresh and unique look. Built with the latest Bootstrap version, Best Admin has a clean and modern design with four navigation layouts, wide or boxed options, Material Design stats and widgets, CSS animations and effects, and more than 50 plugins included for graphs, forms, and UI.

Bootstrap Dashboard and Admin Template

admin25 788x394

Srikandi is another Bootstrap dashboard and admin template with a modern and unique design that provides a more visual appeal to your website’s admin panels and dashboards. Built with the Bootstrap framework version 3.1.1, it includes a lot of features and options in the package. More importantly, it has a  fully responsive layout with an awesome user interface.

Among its features are the list media, slider, popup and notification, advanced form components with form wizard and form validation, dropzone and multiple file upload, various types of tables and charts, pricing tables, and so much more. Srikandi also features an invoice page, Google maps, an online store support, a register or login page, and other things.

Multipurpose Admin Template

admin17 788x394

The ultimate multipurpose admin template, Dexter is a website and web application template for admin dashboards and control panels. Based on the CSS Sass framework Bootstrap 3.3.7, it is a responsive HTML5 theme that uses all of the essential Bootstrap components to create a user interface which can be used for multiple purposes and various backend applications.

Dexter is also based on a modular design which allows you to build admin pages and customize elements easily and quickly. This is made possible with over 90 HTML pages, a couple of thousands of icons, and more than 500 UI elements that are included in the package. Additionally, it comes with lots of other features, widgets, options, and pages.

Full-packed Admin Template

admin26 788x394

Last but definitely not the least is Blankon, a full-packed admin theme powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework. This template boasts of a complete package of  multiple example pages, elements styles, javascript widgets, plugin, and UI components; so, it can be used for various types of web applications like custom admin panels,  admin dashboards, CMS, and CRM.

As you can see, Blankon has a clean layout and interestingly colorful palette. That is why it is an easy favorite among developers, not to mention the many features it includes. These features consist of over 25 color schemes for you to choose from, playing sounds, unlimited data tables, various sidebar layouts, seven icon types, a Bower Package Manager, and so much more.

Installing an admin page to your website or web application is deemed very essential not just for functional reasons, but also to make sure that it fits the overall image of the website. It provides its users a simple and easy website management capability feature as well. With the amount of data and information you can see on an admin page, you will be able to know what to adjust and how to make your results better, in terms of marketing, lead generation, or many other purposes.

Just as the themes and templates listed above, a customizable and feature-rich admin panel will help any business website or personal website go a long way. Built with the latest web design trends, standards, and technologies, these templates have everything that you will ever need to create a working and dashing admin panel and dashboard for your websites and web applications. For more ideas, you can also see other collections of website themes and templates, only here at Template.net.

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